Life story :)

Harry and Emily are in love but they are in for a little more than they expected :)


2. Serious already ???

Ok all done now what is it you wanted to do. Harry grabes Emily and kisses her soft but passionate he starts to undress her. Piece of clothings are flying everywhere as Harry opens the closet door and takes it to the bed Harry now says get ready and they shows there love for one another until... The door bell rang Harry got up and said let me see who it is and you stay right here you little naughty girl ... Harry is pulling up his pants and his tee shirt struggling to get them on so he walks down stairs and it is the next door neighbor asking for Niall the neighbor is only 14 and lives with her parents she is obsessed with Niall Por horan Harry just calmly says he is not here and shuts the door and runs up stairs pulling down his pants and taking off his shirt :/ HE gets up stairs and sees Emily laying on the bed looking beautiful he jumps on her and that's when things got very sexual......
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