Life story :)

Harry and Emily are in love but they are in for a little more than they expected :)


5. Home :)

Harry gets out of the car first and walks over and opens Emily's door she gets out and he shuts the door. Emily walks to the house and Harry opens the door. Emily "says babe I'm going to take a nap and Harry says okay babe. Emily walks up stairs and changes into ninga turtle comfy pants and a green Tanktop. Emily lays down and covers herself with the blanket. SHE falls asleep just as Harry comes upstairs and lays next to her putting her arms around her to make her feel better.Emily cuddles into his arms and touches his brown curly hair and he kisses her on the neck 4 times and she kisses him 4 more times on his neck and they kept going and going. Until it started to get serious again??? Mhmm it was serious so serious they just kept doing what they did for Emily to get pregnant.... HARRY STOPS AFTER EMILY FALLS ASLEEP just to remind you Harry leaves in the morning...... THEN HARRY FALLS ASLEEP :) and they sleep until 9:07 in the morning....... :0
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