Life story :)

Harry and Emily are in love but they are in for a little more than they expected :)



in the car.......

Wow i wasnt expecting this...... emily says WHAT THE BABY" harry says in a sexy british voice

Yes im scared you will be gone and i will have to stay at home looking fat by myself. emily says

EMILY!!!! Dont be ridicoulos you will be fine its just 7 months and when i get back it will be 2 more months until my little angel comes harry says 

YOUR LITTLE ANGEL emily says starting a shouting competition Yes my little angel i mean our little angel harry says as emily rubs her stomach as harry leans over and kisses it fast so that he can keep his eyes on the road. Emily screams "DON'T TOUCH ME ANYMORE" and he says alright under his breath.....

Emily there is something i want to read to you harry says in a saddened voice and he pulls a paper out of his pocket and it says Im not perfect but you are im not smileing unless your with me so okay you may not care but i love you..... and this baby is not going to be raised by fighting animals .... and im sure the baby will be as cute as you!!!!! :) <3

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