I Loved You...(Liam Payne)

Sammie goes to a One Direction concert and gets called on stage, as Liam falls madly in love with her, he goes back to Danielle leavening her heart broken...


1. 1

Sammie's POV
I zip up my pink leather boots and pull my hair into a bun. My friend Taylor and I are headed to a One Direction concert.
"Sammie! It starts in ten minutes!" She screams opening my door. We run to the car only needing to go two blocks. We pull into the parking lot almost a half an hour early. VIP passes and front row seats. "Sammie! They could like us! And marry one of us!" She says as we run to our seats.
"Like that would ever happen! No matter how much we wish for it." I laugh at Taylor.
"Niall's mine!" She says as they start their sound check.
'Liam's mine.' I laugh in my head. They walk across the stage and Liam's eyes lock with mine as he slows his walking. I look around and I'm the only one not screaming and jumping around. His eyes travel all over me and Taylor. He smiles as Harry tugs on his arm.
"You're going to make it so they know you're staring Liam!" Harry says into the mic. My cheeks go bright red. 'Liam Payne was looking me over!' I scream in my head over and over. After the beautiful sound track they open with 'Little Things' Liam's eyes keep creeping over to me as I sing along. I take my hair out of its bun and its in its normal thinness the blonde mess. I sing along as a body grad walks up to me.
"Come with me." He says leading me to stairs to the stage. "Go out there." He says pushing me out to the stage I walk out slowly and they turn and smile and me. Five beautiful smiles that take my breath away all looking at me! Not just some girl in a video that most likely hates their music. Liam's smile that I haven't seen scenic Dani and him were still together. My heart skips a beat as I slowly walk out.
"Hello love," Liam says taking my hand. "You're beautiful, I couldn't help but spot you out of the crowd." He whispers into my ear.
"Thank you," I reply shyly. I make the mistake of looking out to the crowd no sound what so ever. You could hear a pin droop, my face goes blank and I feel sick. My heart races as Liam's arm rests around my waist as he talks into the mic. I look to see Taylor jumping around screaming my name.
"What's your name?" Harry says walking over handing me a mic.
"Um... Sammie," I say lightly.
"What a beautiful name." Liam says to me, his eyes looking deep into mine. I blush before they start another song. Liam sings Truly Madly Deeply right to me looking at me like no else is in the room. He comes closer and brushes hair out of my face, tucking it behind my ear. His hand softly brushing on my face, his voice heavenly as his big brown eyes looking at me with a smile. His hand soft as its runs over my cheek. My heart pounds as he hugs me tightly and kisses my cheek once more. His eyes shine as the lights go down...
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