Stay Strong

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name's Dawn. I have red hair. I'm a senior in a small highschool in Doncaster. I get the best grades in my class. The only living relative I have is an aunt, but we lost all communication years ago, so I live by myself. I have two best friends: Harry and Anna. Sadly, I'm bullied or ignored by everyone in the school except for those two. One boy specifically bullies me. Louis. Oddly enough, Harry and him are best friends and he and Anna are dating. The only reason I'm bullied is because they don't know me. I really am quite crazy, but I come across as shy. Most likely because I never talk in school. Even if a teacher calls on me. I just ignore them. I'm afraid of what people will say.


7. Nandos with Louis

"Hey Harry!" I said, a smile growing on my face as I walked into Nando's.


"Hey Dawn!" I sit down and Harry looks at me strangely.


"What?" I asked, my smile slowly fading.


"You look happier than usual, what happened?"


"Nothing, just happy to see you," I lie. If I tell him about Louis, he might talk to Louis about me, then Louis could find out he's my friend, then others could find out. I don't want Harry to be bullied as well. Harry eyed me suspiciously but didn't say anything. He clearly didn't believe me. "So," I said, looking at him.


"So" he said in a girly voice, trying to copy me.


"OMG I don't really sound like that right?" I ask while laughing. He joined me in laughing.


"You totes sound like this. Like, ALL the time!" He continues using the voice. I playfully hit his arm while rolling my eyes.


"Are we gonna eat, or.." I said, fading out.


"Yeah I ordered already," he said.


"How do you know what I wanted?" I asked.


"We've been best friends for years, I think I know what you like to eat," he said matter-o-factly.


"I could've wanted something different!" I said.


"I could've wanted something different!" He mimicked me.

"Real mature!" I said.


"Real mature," he continued.


"Can you quit?!" I said, squeaking on the last word from my laughter. He begins to laugh at me and I cross my arms over my chest like a little kid. "I'm not your friend anymore!" I said in a little kid voice. Of course he copies me and I once again roll my eyes.


I hear the door open and am surprised to see Louis.


"Be right back! Gotta use the bathroom!" I said running to the bathroom. Of course, on my way to the bathroom, Louis sees me.


"Hey Dawn!" I look a him and give a fake smile.


"Hi... Louis. But I really have to use the bathroom, so..." After that I ran to the bathroom. When I finally came out, I saw Harry standing outside the door with a sympathetic look on his face.


"I saw you talking to Lou... I thought he was bullying you or something..." My eyes widened.


"Did you say something to him?!" I ask.


"No..." he says awkwardly. I breath out a breath of air I didn't realize I was holding.


"It's fine, I'm fine. Let's just eat."

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