Stay Strong

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name's Dawn. I have red hair. I'm a senior in a small highschool in Doncaster. I get the best grades in my class. The only living relative I have is an aunt, but we lost all communication years ago, so I live by myself. I have two best friends: Harry and Anna. Sadly, I'm bullied or ignored by everyone in the school except for those two. One boy specifically bullies me. Louis. Oddly enough, Harry and him are best friends and he and Anna are dating. The only reason I'm bullied is because they don't know me. I really am quite crazy, but I come across as shy. Most likely because I never talk in school. Even if a teacher calls on me. I just ignore them. I'm afraid of what people will say.


6. Forgiveness

"Hello!" Louis says, sounding cheerful. I simply wave, not even giving him a smile. His smile quickly fades away. "C'mon Dawn! Say something!" He whines.

"Something," I reply back angrily.

"Now we just have to work on your friendliness and you'll be all good," he said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes. "So, did you read the paper?" ha asked me.

"About that... I'm really sorry for getting really mad at you when you appologized. I feel really bad about that," I said. Louis just looked at me like I had four heads.

"Fist of all, that's the most I've ever heard you say! And second, why would you be appologizing?! I've bullied you all of hihgschool, and you're appologizing? Dawn, you have no reason to be appologizing. You did nothing wrong. I came here to say I'm sorry. I really don't deserve your forgivness, but maybe we could possibly become friends?"

"I forgive you, Louis. And I'd love to be friends with you," I said. By the time I said it, we'd gotten to my house. We said goodbye and went our seperate ways. Maybe school wil be different now? I guess I'll have to wait.

I went inside with something that faintly resembled a smile on my face. Although I was bullied a lot today,What Louis said made me happy. Did he really mean it? Well he is my cousin, so I guess he doesn't want to bully me. But you never know. He could be trying to earn my trust only to tear me down worse than before.

I heard a buzzing sound and grabbed my phone. "Hello?"

"Hey Dawn, do you wanna get some food at Nando's?" It was Harry.

"Yeah, sure. Meet ya there in twenty minutes?"

"Okay, see ya there," he said and hung up the phone. I grabbed my wallet and ran out the door.
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