Stay Strong

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name's Dawn. I have red hair. I'm a senior in a small highschool in Doncaster. I get the best grades in my class. The only living relative I have is an aunt, but we lost all communication years ago, so I live by myself. I have two best friends: Harry and Anna. Sadly, I'm bullied or ignored by everyone in the school except for those two. One boy specifically bullies me. Louis. Oddly enough, Harry and him are best friends and he and Anna are dating. The only reason I'm bullied is because they don't know me. I really am quite crazy, but I come across as shy. Most likely because I never talk in school. Even if a teacher calls on me. I just ignore them. I'm afraid of what people will say.


2. Family reunion

The next three days went pretty much like this: Go to school, get bullied, go to Louis's house, work on the project together. When I say together, I really mean I do it and he texts on his phone. Once I glanced at his phone and noticed he was texting Harry. Can't they text when we're not working on a history paper? Luckily we're almost done with the paper. I should finish it today. I still haven't said a word to him. The only reason we're doing it at his house is that he refuses to go to mine. He said his mum was on a vaccation or something like that so we didn't have to worry about her. I think Louis said something about his mum coming home today though, so I guess I'll meet her. 


"Dawn, what is you're problem?" Louis asked me as we were walking to his house. I stopped staring at the ground and looked at him, raising an eyebrow at him. "Why don't you talk? Are you mute?" he asked. I shook my head and walked faster. We got to his house and he unlocked the door.


"Louis?" A familiar voice called. Wait... familiar? I know it from somewhere, I just don't know where.


"Mum!" Louis screamed and ran to the voice's owner. I looked at his mum and was speechless. That's a first, right?


"What are you doing here?" I asked, really surprised.


"Honey, I live here," she replied.


"You do?" I asked. I noticed Louis was shocked and confused. This is my first time speaking infront of him.


"Yeah. I see you've met my son."


"Wait, what? This is the 'perfect' boy you used to talk about?" I asked, putting air quotes around perfect.


"Yes," she smiled.


"That means we're cousins?" I asked.




Let me explain the situation. As I said before, I only have one know living relative. An aunt. I lost all communication with her years ago. And here she is. So I guess Louis is my cousin. And I have more than one living relative.


"Wait, what?!" Louis asked. 


"This is your cousin, Dawn."


"Yeah, I know who she is..."


"Oh Aunt Jay, I missed you so much!" I said running into her arms.


"I missed you too, hun."


"That's the first time I've ever heard you speak," Louis said.


"Her?! You can't get her to shut up!" Aunt Jay said.


"I've kinda developed some shyness..." I explained awkwardly.


"Well, I'll see ya later mum!" Louis said while dragging me to his room. "Dawn, I'm really sorry. I should never have been mean to you. I didn't know we were cousins. Please forgive me," he looked at me with sincere eyes. I just shook my head with disbelief.


"So if we weren't cousins, you would've continued to bully me? What about all the other people you bully?"


"Well... You are kinda the only one..." He says awkwardly.


"We're almost done with the paper, you can finish it on your own since you made me write all of it," I said storming out of his room. "Bye Aunt Jay! Nice seeing you again," I said walking out of the house with a fake smile.

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