Stay Strong

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name's Dawn. I have red hair. I'm a senior in a small highschool in Doncaster. I get the best grades in my class. The only living relative I have is an aunt, but we lost all communication years ago, so I live by myself. I have two best friends: Harry and Anna. Sadly, I'm bullied or ignored by everyone in the school except for those two. One boy specifically bullies me. Louis. Oddly enough, Harry and him are best friends and he and Anna are dating. The only reason I'm bullied is because they don't know me. I really am quite crazy, but I come across as shy. Most likely because I never talk in school. Even if a teacher calls on me. I just ignore them. I'm afraid of what people will say.


5. Anna

My alarm clock went off and I woke up in my bed... when did I get in my bed? I sat up, rubbing my eyes when I felt a peoce of paper on my face. It was a sticky note. It read:

Hey Dawn!
I didn't want to wake you up, so I carried you to your room and set the alarmclock. Don't want to be late for school ;)

A small smile laid on my face. He's so sweet. But the smile disappeared as I remembered I had to go to school. I quickly got dressed after taking a shower and ran out the door, not even bothering to have breakfast. I got to school and walked in. Of course I had the usual torture: ridiculed, punched, kicked, had my books thrown accross the hall. I ran into the bathroom crying. I looked through my backpack. Crap. Harry took my knife. I don't get why he tries to help me. I really am just an ugly piece of trash.

I don't get why Harry puts up with me. And Anna. And Louis who hasn't technically put up with me because he was the instigator of the whole bullying thing... But he appologized so I guess it's okay. Maybe? Ugh I don't know!

I just sat on the floor crying my eyes out kids can be mean. I just don't get it. The bathroom door opened and I winced, expecting to be told I should go die, but Anna stood there.

"Dawn! What happened! Never mind, don't answer that. Come here," she said holding her hand out to help me up. I hesitantly took it and was pulled and and into a hug. She let me cry into her shoulder for a while before speaking. "Hey. Stop crying. Nothing that is outside of you can effect you. Nothing outside of you can make you feel sad, angry, weak, or dishartened. Unless you let it," she said, whiping away my tears. I nodded but didn't say anything. "You're going to be okay, alright? Don't let them bring you down," she finished.

We leave the bathroom and go to our different classes. Soon the day's over and as I'm walking home, I notice Louis approaching me.
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