Daddy Do You Love Me?

Nichole was 17 years old when she fell in love with her best friend in Holmes Chapel. He left for the X Factor and she never saw him again. Nichole was kicked out of her home in England and she moved to Florida with her cousins. Nicholes daughter Dannilyn doesnt know who her dad is, and Nichole doesnt think she will ever see Harry again. But when the family is reuntied in the place where dreams come true, could everything change?


26. We Are Getting Back Together?

I wiped away the tears that had fallen from my face. I stormed into the living room and threw a magazine at Harry, who was sitting with his feet up and watching tv. "What is this?" He asked as he picked up the magazine and sat up at what was on the front page.

"Are you cheating on me?" I asked, controlling myself and not slapping him like I wanted to. "No baby why would you even believe this load of crap?" He asked, trying to change the subject. "Oh so you just go to Taylor Swifts hotel at midnight all the time? And leave hours later?" I spat back at him.

The magazine was Harry and Taylor going into her hotel and they looked really comfy. "Baby I'm not cheating on you. She's just an old friend." He stated and for some unknown reason, I believed him. "Ok baby. I'm sorry. I just get so jealous because I know how easily you can find someone better than me." I confessed.

"Come here sweetie." He told me and I curled up into his chest and his arms around me. "I love you babe. Don't ever think that I would leave you because nobody could compare to you." He told me and kissed my forehead. "I love you." "I love you too Harry."
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