Daddy Do You Love Me?

Nichole was 17 years old when she fell in love with her best friend in Holmes Chapel. He left for the X Factor and she never saw him again. Nichole was kicked out of her home in England and she moved to Florida with her cousins. Nicholes daughter Dannilyn doesnt know who her dad is, and Nichole doesnt think she will ever see Harry again. But when the family is reuntied in the place where dreams come true, could everything change?


35. The Final One

"Babe stop shaking." Harry told me as the plane landed back in England. I was so excited to see Dani. "I missed her so much." I told him and he took my hand. "She's at home with Perrie and Zayn." He told me as we stood up to exit the plane.

"Lets go. You drive like an 80 year old woman who is borderline blind." I told Harry as he drove down the street. "Your mean." He said and we both laughed.

As soon as Harry passed the turn to go to the apartment, I flipped out. "Harry! You missed the fucking turn!" I shouted and he ignored me.

About 15 minutes later we were in a beautiful neighborhood. It had houses that looked like they cost a million dollars and were absolutely amazing. "Harry where the hell are we?" I asked him and he smiled and kept driving.

A few moments after that, Harry pulled the car into the driveway of a house that was better than all the others.

"Harry who's house is this?" I asked him. "Yours. Mine. Ours." He told me and my jaw dropped. "Are you serious!" I asked and he smiled. "Do you like it?" He asked and I smiled and nodded my head and ran over and jumped up so my legs wrapped around his waist.

"Babe this is the most amazing surprise." I told him and the door to the house opened and my daughter ran out to me. "Dani!" I said and ran to her. "Mommy! Where were you?" She asked once I picked her up. "I went to our old house in Florida for a little bit." I told her.

Harrys POV

She loved the house. I remembered when we were in year 10 and she told me that she wanted to live in a house with tan brick and big arched windows.

And it to have a 2 car garage and have a little porch out front. I remembered that and I found this house and knew I had to get it for us.

It was in a safe neighborhood and had great schools for Dani. We went inside and Nichole's face lit up. It had a huge staircase that wrapped around the side of the wall and a crystal chandelier hanging in the middle of the ceiling. Nichole walked around the house with her mouth hanging open.

It was perfect- my life was perfect... For now.

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