Daddy Do You Love Me?

Nichole was 17 years old when she fell in love with her best friend in Holmes Chapel. He left for the X Factor and she never saw him again. Nichole was kicked out of her home in England and she moved to Florida with her cousins. Nicholes daughter Dannilyn doesnt know who her dad is, and Nichole doesnt think she will ever see Harry again. But when the family is reuntied in the place where dreams come true, could everything change?


34. Take Me Back 2.0

I woke up screaming in the middle of the night. I had a nightmare that somebody took Harry away from me. Not like out of the room or anything but out of my life forever.

"Shhh baby what's wrong?" Harry said as he hugged me. "They...they took you from me." I said as he pulled me into him. I cried into his chest and he rubbed my back.

"Nobody is taking me away from you love. I'm not leaving." He told me and I looked up at him. "I'm sorry." I said to him.

"Baby what at you sorry for?" He asked, confused. "For being so difficult." I told him and I let a tear fall from my eye.

"Don't cry sweetie. I should be apologizing. Not you." He told me and we wiped away one of my fallen tears. "I love you Harry." I told him. His face lit up.

"I love you too Nichole." He told me and he pressed his lips against mine.

"Will you be my girlfriend again?" He asked and he looked a little worried. "Yea. I love you Harry." I told him and he smiled and started to attack me with kisses.

"As much as I love this and all, can we go home. I miss Dani." I told him and he smiled and nodded and I jumped up to get some of my stuff.

* * *

Guys. This is it. The next chapter is the last chapter. Should I do a sequel? Thank y'all socmuch for supporting my story.

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