Daddy Do You Love Me?

Nichole was 17 years old when she fell in love with her best friend in Holmes Chapel. He left for the X Factor and she never saw him again. Nichole was kicked out of her home in England and she moved to Florida with her cousins. Nicholes daughter Dannilyn doesnt know who her dad is, and Nichole doesnt think she will ever see Harry again. But when the family is reuntied in the place where dreams come true, could everything change?


15. Preparing for Christmas

"So a black leather book and can we pick out the background for the pages?" She asked as we got to the scrapbook section of the craft store. "Oh for the pictures of us in London and for the Olympics do these backgrounds and the ones in New York do this. The ones on the road do those and for the baby pages do these." I said and she added her input and we picked out the perfect things to make this adorable.

Perrie and I went back to my hotel room and started to put the book together since we only have 4 days until Christmas. All of a sudden, the door flung open Harry came in. Perrie and I didn't have time to hide the scrapbook.

"Hi baby. How was the interview" I asked as I got up and walked over to Harry. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist. "Boring. I missed you though." He said as he kissed my cheek. "Keep it PG guys. 2 year old in the room." Perrie called from the couches. "Babe I have a question." Harry asked as he dragged me into the kitchen. "What are you doing for Christmas?" He asked.

"I don't know. I guess I'm going to Florida. I hadn't really thought about it." I replied and I got out pasta to make for dinner. "Come to Holmes Chapel with me then! Please babe." He said as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me.

"I don't know-" I started but he cut me off by crashing his lips to mine. "I guess maybe we go with you." I smiled on his lips. "I love you." He said. "I love you too."

"He's going to love this Perrie." I told her like an hour later as we continued the scrapbook on the couch. "What are you two doing?" Harry asked as he walked into the room. I looked at Perrie and she nodded that I could tell him. "Perrie is pregnant and we are making a scrapbook to tell Zayn." I informed him. "That's amazing Perrie! Congratulations!" He exclaimed as he hugged her then plopped on the couch and pulled me into him.

I cuddled up to him and he played with the ends of my hair. "What did to get Dani?" Harry asked. "Nothing. I haven't done any shopping yet." I admitted. "Neither have I." He told me. "Let's go." I said as we got up off the couch and I grabbed my leather jacket and toms. "Perrie can you watch Dani?" I asked and she agreed.

"Where too?" I asked Harry as we walked towards the exit to the hotel. "Just lets go." He said and we walked through the crowd of paps and I squeezed Harry's hand like I always do around them. A few minutes later we came to a cute little shop for toddlers. I got Dani a few really cute dolls, a few sparkly pink outfits and dresses, a pair of sparkly pink Ugg boots and few games. Harry got her random stuff she would love.

We ended up spending like $300 in that one store alone. Harry insisted on paying and he did. We walked everywhere and the paps followed us everywhere. "I don't know what to get your mom and Gemma." I told Harry as we passed a jewelry store. "Lets go." He said as he pulled me into the jewelry store. "Get my mom something like this and get Gemma something like this." He told me, pointing to a bracelet for Anne and a necklace for Gemma.

We finished all our shopping by like 9 pm that night. Except I still have to get Harry something. I thanked Perrie for watching Dani and Harry tucked Dani into bed. I sat in bed in my tank top, shorts and my glasses. I started to read one of the books I had gotten today. "Hi love." Harry said as he got in bed and pulled me into him. "I love you so much. Have I ever told you that?" He told me as he kissed my neck. "Maybe once or twice." I joked. "Tomorrow the plane leaves at like noon so we need to finish packing and I'm having all the things we bought today shipped to my moms house." Harry told me. "Ok." I said as I dozed off in Harry's arms.
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