Daddy Do You Love Me?

Nichole was 17 years old when she fell in love with her best friend in Holmes Chapel. He left for the X Factor and she never saw him again. Nichole was kicked out of her home in England and she moved to Florida with her cousins. Nicholes daughter Dannilyn doesnt know who her dad is, and Nichole doesnt think she will ever see Harry again. But when the family is reuntied in the place where dreams come true, could everything change?


4. Different

I guess the Harry I knew has changed becasue when Dani and I came off the ride, Harry was waiting for us at the exit gate for the ride. "Hi Dani." Harry said as Dani walked over next to me and hid behind my leg. "Shes a little bit shy." I said and I picked her up.

Suddenly, I heard Natalies voice behind me. "Nic we have to go. Luke fell asleep." She said and I looked at the little boy who was in her arms, asleep. "I guess Ill see you around Harry." I said before turning on my heels and disapperaing into a sea of people.

"Why was Harry here? And does he know about Dani?" Natalie asked as we pulled out of the parking lot. "Yea what was I supposed to tell him? He was shocked." I said and we got out of the car as she pulled up infront of my apartment.

The thing that sucks about my apartment building is that its a hotel and we live in one of the hotel rooms. So there are always new and random people around. Sometimes is a celebrity so there is always hotel security around. When I first moved in, I would have to show some sort of ID just to be allowed to go into the building. But by now all the security knows me and Dani so it's a lot easier to get in when celebrity's are here.

"Hey Drew." I said to the security guard as I walked into the lobby. "Hello Ms. Nichole. Hi Dani." He said as we walked in and I realized that Drew is only security here when there are huge celebrities here. "Who is it this time." I asked and Dani started to stir in my arms. She started to cry and I told Drew I would talk to him later because I had to get Dani in bed. I never got the answer to who was staying at the hotel.

I got Dani to bed and made myself a cup of tea and turned on the tv. It was about 11 pm on a Thursday night. Not much to do and not much was on tv but I turned to the century news channel. Not anything too exciting. I was wearing my pink and blue stripped pajama shorts and my white sugar lips tank top.

I had my hair in a messy bun on top of my head and I wore my glasses instead of my contacts. It's not that I was expecting to see anyone. But of course I did. There was a knock at my door. Who the hell is coming to my apartment at 11 pm. I walked over to the door and saw Harry standing there. "Uh hi." I said awkwardly. "Hey. Can I come in?" He said and I opened the door to make space for him to come in. He walked in and I lead him to the kitchen. "Tea?" I said and he nodded his head.

"Not to be mean or anything but why are you here." I said after I handed him his tea. "I couldnt stop thinking about you after you left Disney." He said. "No you just couldnt stop thinking about the fact that you have a daughter. Not me." I said harshly. But he deserves it. To say I'm a little bit mad at Harry is an understatement.

"Nichole, I know you are mad at me," He started. "But you cant not let me see my daughter." "Yes I can. And we have been doing fine without you for almost 2 years. You didnt even know about her until 2 hours ago." I said, again not bothering to spare his feelings. "Thats not my fault Nic." He said and he had a little bit of a point.

"Yes it is. You had sex with me then you just left and never tried to call or text or anything Harry. Thats where its your fault. And dont worry, Im not going to make you pay child support or anything. It'll be just like you never knew about her." I said and walked towards the door, so Harry would get the hint he should leave.

"No Nichole. I want to be in her life. Do you know how she would feel growing up without a dad?" He asked and pain took over my emotions. "Are you serious Harry? Did you forget that my dad left us when I was 7? Did you forget those times I cried to you becasue my dad tried to contact me but I was so angry that I didnt talk to him. Did you forget all of that while you are out having sex with random people and not caring about peoples feelings?" I said and it was almost a yell.

"Nic-" he started. "Leave Harry." I said with tears in my eyes that threatened to fall down my cheek, but I wouldnt let them. "Please Nichole. Dont do this." He said and I could tell that he was being serious about wanting to be there for Dani. "Maybe we can talk about this another time Harry. Not now." I said and he looked down, nodded then left.

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