My Future

Kat and Faith were driving back from Nando's, when there car broke down. What will they do?? Will they get picked up by the famous Harry Styles?? Will they live happily ever after with the boy of their dreams?? i don't know you'll have to read to find out! :)


4. Chapter 4

Still Niall's P.O.V


When Kat walked in i dont think she noticed that i was on her phone. '' Its getting dark yall better go.'' i said ''Well...... our car broke down.'' she replied poting to the red mustang hum.. Louis has a car like that. ''Where do you live?'' Harry asked slowly '' About a block away, its not that far we can walk.'' 


Kat's P.O.V 

Niall said that its getting dark, and when he said it it sounded like he just did something he wasnt sopost to. ''What did you do Niall?!''   ''..nothing.. umm i just didnt look on your phone!!''  ''rohh.. thats ok- wait i hace a passcoed ''   '' yeah... ' niall said while scrating the back of his head '' I kind of found that out.'' i nodded my head to show him that i understood. Then i looked for faith to go home but i couldnt find her. So i decied to text her; when i did i could fell eyes looking over my back. I turned around to find that mine and Niall's noses were touching. When i looked into his eyes i instally got lost in them. Then i could fell myself leaning in, when suddenly i heard giggling and a camera photo snap. We both pulled away awkwardly and just stood there for like about 10 seconds then i got a text. ..... OH MY GOD it was the picture of my and Ni when we were just about to kiss. Niall was looking over my sholder again... i guess he saw cause he just ran out the door and jumped into his car then drove off. 


Harry's P.O.V


Faith and I wrer laughing when we heard a door slam ad some crying. Faith looked so worried running out of the kitchen . Iran after herand saw Kat sitting on the groung with hr back against the door. GOD DAMN NIALL whyd you have to do that?! When i went to go call Niall some one tried to open the door. So i looked into the peep hole and then again there was a ocean blue eye. By that timethe girls moved out of the waythe i steped back think Niall would come in but i guess  i was wrong..

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