My Future

Kat and Faith were driving back from Nando's, when there car broke down. What will they do?? Will they get picked up by the famous Harry Styles?? Will they live happily ever after with the boy of their dreams?? i don't know you'll have to read to find out! :)


3. Chapter 3

A/N          Hey im so sorry i havent updated in a while i got my labtop                tooking up ugg!! im going to be updating every Friday and sometimes Wednesday if i have the tme. hope you like it :)

Niall's P.O.V 

     Just after I rang the doorbell, a cute girl with brown hair and blue eyes answered the door. '' W0W.... is harry letting in the cute fans in now?'' I said trying to have a sexy vocie '' uh.. no im just a... uh.. friend?''  ''oh.. cool.''  Thats when harry and this other girl walked in '' Niall i see you meet Kat well this is Faith.... you want to watch a movie?''   ''uh.. sure!'' we were heading to the living room when i saw harry and uh.... damn i frogot her name...... oh yeah its Faith well anyways they were HOLDING HANDS!! im going to have to talk to that young man.... ugg Louis was right i am turing into Laim. Faith and harry  sat on the love set of course! Kat and i sat on the chouch and she was fliping through the channles when i was The Notebook '' The Notebook!!!!!!!!!" i scream she jumped and cliked it as fast as she could. Half way through i worked up the nearve to ask for her phone because she was trying to find someone on her contacts " Can i see your phone for a sec?" i asked '' um.. sure'' she handed it to me so i put my name in as Nialler<3 and then sent my self a text so i could get her number. Next was hazzas i put it in as Haz then i gave it back to her '' what did you do?"   '' i put mine and harrys number into it.''

Kat's P.O.V

    about one minute later i got a text.

Haz: you hitting it off with your crushey wushey!!??   

me: oh shut up! and how did you get my number anyway?

Haz: Niall. now pay attetion to the movie!!

me: ok Mr. bossy pants

Haz: ok so do you think Faith really likes me?

me: ahh duh!

Haz: ok goo shes sooo HOT!

me: ok lover boy i dont want to know about that.

Haz: ummm sorry 

me: its ok

Haz: ok well gtg babe luv ya (as a friend)

Faith's P.O.V

    Kat got up and went somewhere Niall grabed her phone and i guess somehow got on to it because his eyes were as bis as tennis balls....hehe balls.. i dont have a dirty i have a sexy imagination. when i was in the middle of my thoughts i got a text from My Hazza:)

Haz: umm i know this is a weird question but do you think Louis is better looking than me?! 

me: well no but that is a hard question 

Haz: ok good :)

End of convo. That was a little weird i thought

Niall's P.O.V

    The movie was kinda getting a little old because ive only seen it about like 100 times? So i texed Kat

me: Hey i was wondering.. um do you like me?! :)(:

K: Yes of course who wouldnt? sillly

When i recevied that message i felt happy for some reason i dont know why though. Thats when i quickly got another message after that.


me: what??!!

K: oh nothing! 

me: ok.....

K: I have to pee but i dont fell like getting up! uggh brb

me: haha ok :) ill be waiting ;)

When she left i just had to do some snooping. So i grabed her phone, CRAP she has a passcode on it. i tryed one direction... nope umm niall... holy poo poo it worked wait did i just thnk that?! WOW this is kinda weird as im the background...... just then Kat walked in..... UH OH!!



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