My Future

Kat and Faith were driving back from Nando's, when there car broke down. What will they do?? Will they get picked up by the famous Harry Styles?? Will they live happily ever after with the boy of their dreams?? i don't know you'll have to read to find out! :)


2. Chapter 2

            Faith's POV

      OMFG Kat and I are in the Harry Styles house!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHYA!When I was in the middle of my thoughts Harry said ''Watch out for the lamp!'' Then the next thing i know is im waking up in Harrys arms holding an icepack on my head. We were following harry into the kicthen.... I guess because i was still dizzy from eailer. Kat and I have a scerect language, so we looked at each other and Kat was telling me to ''act cool.'' Then Harry looked at us weird and wishpered something in Kat's ear........ I wonder what it was.... Then i saw Kat giggling that made me so angery, because she know i love him!! There is no telling what he said to her.

          Harry's POV

        I turned around to see that Kat was doing some type of language that involved snapping your fingers in a Z formation. That remined me of Niall.... Then I saw Faith nod like she understod the snapping crap. Thats when they noticed that i was watching, Faith looked sooooo cuuuteee with her whith that big smile on her face. So I decited to tell Kat that I liked Faith. I whispered in Kat's ear '' Faith is just soo perfect!'' she started giggling. After that i asked the girls if they would want some tea and of course they said yes.  As we sat down and i got to know them they were pretty cool expectly Faith her hair fell percectly around her shoulders and her baby blue eyes were soo sparkley. She is perfsct for me!!! Then I saw Kat being carefree ,eats all the time and is beautiful. Shes a girl virsion of Niall. Then Faith looked at me with all of her bueaty she could have so i tryed to look back with a sexy look. I knew that i got her attetion now for sure. Kat looked kinda jelious so i called Niall.

       Kat's POV

    When Harry got out his phone and called someone all eyes were on him. ''What?!'' Harry said ''Who are you calling?" i replied ''Niall.'' Once he said that happiness light up inside me and i smiled  " OOOO... does someone have a crushey wushey!!??" Faith said with a baby voice. " SHUT UPP!!!!!" i scremed and chased her around the kitchen. Harry looked at us like we were crazy, that went on for about 5 minutes when the door bell rang.



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