My Future

Kat and Faith were driving back from Nando's, when there car broke down. What will they do?? Will they get picked up by the famous Harry Styles?? Will they live happily ever after with the boy of their dreams?? i don't know you'll have to read to find out! :)


1. Chapter 1

                 Kat's POV  

   faith ( my cousin ) and I were driving back from Nando's and listining to LWWY, when our car broke down. We sat there for a few minutes just jaming to the song when we saw smoke come from under the hood. So we decied to go to the manision like house and ask for a ride home. As soon as we got out of the car we saw a capitial H-O-T boy through the window run into what looks like a basement door. That boy looked sooo familliar like I saw him on my sisters wall before, but I carried on without thinking....


                Harry's POV  

       I saw a cherry red mustang start to slow down infront of my house. I thought it was the pap ( Paparazzi ) so i hid in my basement, i was half way down the stairs when i remembered that Lou had bought a car like that not to long ago. But still I was not so sure.... While I was down there I heard the doorbell ring, so I went and looked in the peephole. There was a baby blue eye looking into my green eye so now i knew for sure it was louis. Thats when I got a text from Paul saying that we dont have to go to the studio today. I was still reading the text when I opened to door and said to Lou '' You know you have a ke....'' I looked up and it wasn't Louis it was two girls that looked my age. '' Ohh.... im sory i thought you were one of my friends..'' They just stood there like a stone with there mouths open and eyes poping out of there head. So I waved my hand infront of their faces and they came back to Earth. Why did they do that?? Oh yeah im Harry Styles!! I started laughing at what I was thinking. Oh crap I have to do something. '' Hi im.." and before I could get out my name the brown hair and blue eyes girl said '' Harry Styles.....oh im sorry by the way I'm Kat and this is Faith'' Kat pointed to the blond hair and blue eyes girl. '' Soo..... we woundering if we could get a ride home or something.. our car broke down'' Faith said pointing to the mustang.'' Umm.. Why don't yall come in and get to know each other i'll drive ya'll back home later..'' harry replied

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