The Day I Met Him

Sherrie gets saved by Drew at a quite creepy place. Will it be love at first sight?


1. Alice?

It was a dark and starry night when my best friend Alice and I went walking from the park to my abode. 


"Alice, we should probably head back it's getting dark" I signaled to Alice as I noticed the sun slowly disappeared on us.

"Aww, fun ruiner." She joked, but she knew we should probably head back before "the creepers after dark" get there.

"I'll start packing up the sandwiches and tea." I told her as I gathered my items. I picked up our flavored tea we put in cute little pink cups and sandwiches that I had cut into perfect squares earlier that day.

"I have to run to the loo." Alice declared as she got up and pulled up her striking orange jeans.

"Don't leave me here! It's starting to get creepy!" I told her in a "frantic" voice. 

"OK, ok, I'll stay." She said in a "back-off" kinda tone.

"I'm just kidding, go ahead." I playfully told her as I signaled my hand to the bathroom.

"You sure?" she reassured.

"Yeah. You need to go, then go."

Alice started to walk on the long path to the little hut in the middle of the park that held all the bathroom stalls. It seemed like it took her forever to get there. And truth be told I kind of was getting freaked out that some midnight runner would come up and try to steal for some "innocent" scam.

"OK." I told myself as I started to gather everything and put it in my classic woven picnic basket. The sandwiches, the chips, our infinity bracelets.

"Sherrie, calm down, nothing is going to happen." I quietly told myself as I stood up and pulled my pink ombre style shirt down.

I looked around, noticing that I couldn't see the pathway Alice had gone down. It seemed all dark and creepy. I hope she doesn't get too freaked out when she comes back.

I took out my phone like I always do when I sense a bit of trouble or fear. The darkness seemed to consume the whole park and I was just a darkening star in the distance. I felt alone and scared. No one was there, so no one could save me if a person came up to me and creeped me out. This park was located in a fairly distant place, but, my ex-boyfriend John warned me to never stay out there after dark. Why? Well, John told me this extremely creepy story.


After dark four girls were wandering aimlessly through the park at 7:00 pm when a drunk mugger came up to them and said 
"hey ladies" 

The girls just ignored him and pushed him to the ground. This got this man very enraged. So he picked up a cane off of the floor that an old couple had left there. He gripped the cane very forcefully and knocked the girl who pushed him to the ground. The three remaining girls tried to throw punches at him and they succeeded getting the man to fall to the ground, helpless. This man was very tired and wanted their money. As his eyes shut closed, the girls rejoiced as they had successfully saved their lives. They began to walk away. Something inside of them told them to turn around. The man was gone. 

Rumor has it that this man lives deep in the trees waiting to get his revenge on the girls that beat him up. Pretty creepy right?

Well, I really don't believe it.....

Alice has taken around ten minutes in the bathroom which makes me very anxious to know if she was ok.

"Alice!" I yelled for her, wondering if she got lost on the path.

Now, the moon was out and all you could see was the sparkle in my eyes from the almost tears and the flickering street light. I turned my phone on to get some music going to relieve the stress.

I pressed play on my "Music" and out blasted "Kiss You" by One Direction. I just listened to it and watched my surroundings really just wanting to run home and ditch this eerie setting. But, I can't leave Alice, it just isn't right. So, I get to halfway into the song and decide: I'm going to face my fear and go down the path to see if Alice is alright. I really hope that legend isn't true.

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