Love Is Love (Harry Styles)

Jane is a normal girl with a normal crush on the boy next door. After her family moves to London she becomes friends with Harry who lives next door. She starts falling madly in love with him. She finds out a secret that has her running. Hopping his immortal tricks don't drive her to madness.


6. Why me?

"You're special." I turn to see a girl standing with her arms crossed.
"What?" I ask with a smile.
"Harry never falls in love this easy. Don't break his heart, he's just as special as you are. I mean that 'spark' isn't normal and plus this is the first time he has ever felt it too. So why don't you do us a favor and get lost!" She says close to my face.
"If it's so special why don't you let it be?" I say getting back in her face. She simply pushes me back and pokes at me.
"Listen punk, we might be in the same grade and we have four class together. But that doesn't mean I like you! Just because you're the first girl ever to get invited to sit with him and his friends doesn't mean I'm going to 'bow' down to you. You're worthless, paper, weak and easy!" She says almost pushing me over, I grab a handful of her hair and pull its as hard as I can. I feel the spark of Harry's hands pulling me back from her as hard as he can.
"Jane stop!" I fight his hold as best as I can before the spark hurts like he's burning me.
"Okay! Please!" I gasp for air for the spark of energy running in all over my body making me feel like I'm burning. Harry and I drop both feeling weak from the mix of anger, stress, and fear. I bring my head down to the ground with icy cold tears hitting my cheeks. I bring my head up and look at Harry. His face pale and sweat on his forehead. Harry being only a foot away. I pull myself up as best as I can dragging myself to him. I lightly brush the hair out of his eyes but my hand is shocked away. He pull his head up slowly taking a deep breath. His face flushed from all color. His eyes deep dark green. My head pounds as we both pull ourselves up. Harry pulls me into his arms, I dig my head into his neck before I look to see we're all alone... No one, not even the two boys. My heart races as Harry's hand rests at the small of my back keeping me up right. Even though we're both so weak, he's still strong enough to keep my weak helpless body up right. The thing is though. Harry is the hottest guy in the school and almost every girl is prettier. Even the band geeks, I don't have a thigh gap, my teeth aren't perfect, my waste isn't small and he still likes me... But why? Why is it me he's hold so close in his hands like a princess? Like I'm the world? Like I'm a clean cut crystal or any type of gem really. Why is he treating me like a newborn baby that is so weak that needs to be safe from the world. Needs help for even taking steps in life. Why isn't he treating me like an okay friend he met two weeks ago? Why am I so special...
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