Love Is Love (Harry Styles)

Jane is a normal girl with a normal crush on the boy next door. After her family moves to London she becomes friends with Harry who lives next door. She starts falling madly in love with him. She finds out a secret that has her running. Hopping his immortal tricks don't drive her to madness.


2. The Feel

Harry and I cross the road before a ambush of snow balls come at me.
"GIRLLLLL!!!" The two boys scream making faces. I get hit in the face very hard making me fall on the hard cold ground. They come over and pelt me with hard snow balls but it all comes to a stop.
"Go home! Now." Harry yells he makes a snow ball and throws it as hard as he can at the two boys. Hitting then hard on the back of the head. I'm still sitting on the ground holding my head hoping there was no more snow balls. Harry pulls me up, his touch sends shivers all over my body. "Are you okay? Ignore them, they're only in sixth grade." He picks up my chin and looks at the red mark. "You're hurt..." He says looking at the mark.
"I'll be fine." I smile, picking up a hand full of snow I place it on my chin.
"So, how old are you?" Harry asks as we walk up the hill behind his house.
"Thirteen, you?"
"Same, are you going to be going to London Secondary school? I could show you around." He offers off helping me over a few larger rocks.
"Yeah, that'd be great." I say slipping down onto my face. "Ouch!" I say pulling myself up.
"You have really bad luck..." Harry giggles helping me up.
"Very much, very very much..." I say wiping my hands on my jeans.
"You're in luck because we're here." Harry points to the VERY large tree house with a long ladder. I go up first with him very close behind me. I start to slip and he catches me fast keeping me on my feet. His hands stay on waist, chills and shivers run up and down my body. We reach the top and he lets go of me. Making the feeling of warmth leave, I look around the large tree house. The platforms that go higher than I can see. Snow flakes swiftly and slowly fall in my hair and one pure, white, soft flake falls on the tip of my noes. Making me giggle, Harry's green eyes locked on my blue eyes.
"I have a secret to tell you, Jane." Harry spoke taking five steps closer to me. His hand lightly touches mine. "I feel it too..."
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