Love Is Love (Harry Styles)

Jane is a normal girl with a normal crush on the boy next door. After her family moves to London she becomes friends with Harry who lives next door. She starts falling madly in love with him. She finds out a secret that has her running. Hopping his immortal tricks don't drive her to madness.


3. Taking the blow

I rub my eyes and walk down to the kitchen. I look at the clock with only three hours before the bus comes. I yet again have too come close with Harry. My blood boils with the feeling of warmth, now even the thought of him, the shivers act up. I gaze out the window as the coffee brews. The snow is still coming down hard, I watch snow swiftly and slowly land in the flower pots outside. I grab my mug and pour some coffee. I drag myself upstairs and start getting ready. Only two days of school till winter break, as I'm done getting dressed my hair in the normal pig tails. A light knock on the door makes me jump. I look over to see Harry's goofy smile in the window. I laugh as I grab my coat and bag. My knee high white boots and black tights with a white dress.
"You're wearing that?" Harry asked worriedly.
"Yeah, is something wrong?" I ask faking a smile,
"Just worried about...well the guys might treat you like, well an object." He says rubbing his hands together. "The High Schoolers can be pretty rude."
"And I'll be fine." I laugh pushing him back giggling. "And why are you so worried? I lock my hands on his feeling the tingle and chills he sets off.
The bus pulls up and Harry grips my hand pulling me to one of the last seats.
"Hey doll face! Why don't you come join us up here and have some fun." One of the boys wink. I roll my eyes and keep moving as I feel the warmth become cold, Harry's heat becomes cold icy burns on my hand making my eyes fill with water that feels like acid. "Come on baby, come sit with me and the boys!" He says again. Harry flings his head around with darkened green eyes.
"Shut up, leave her alone. Got it?" Harry yells, Making me jump.
"What'd you just say freak."
"You heard me, leave her alone." The high school stands walking over to Harry as he pulls his arm back getting ready to punch him, before I stand In front of Harry taking the blow. It's all fades to black before I hear Harry's voice in a light caring tone.
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