Love Is Love (Harry Styles)

Jane is a normal girl with a normal crush on the boy next door. After her family moves to London she becomes friends with Harry who lives next door. She starts falling madly in love with him. She finds out a secret that has her running. Hopping his immortal tricks don't drive her to madness.


5. Over Thinking It

"Harry wait!" I say running after him, I still feel light headed from him kissing my cheek. He turns around still smiling wide. Harry is one of the most popular boys in the school, and finding that out because of simple things sixth graders say. Is pretty amazing! The way he does everything, it's easy to believe that he's popular.

First off he's nice, kind, drop dead freaking hot, funny, and easy to talk to. His dimples make you smile, he gives hugs if anyone needs one and he gives amazing help if needed. I can't believe after just one week of living here and hanging out with Harry, I'm already falling head over heels for him. But knowing nothing more but being friends I think I'm okay with it. After all I do know who he has a crush on and she's way more pretty than I.

I mean she's blonde, skinny, can dance, and plays the flute. What do I do? Nothing. I'm as boring as a potato, as fun as a potato, cute as a potato. And with my brown hair and blue eyes I have no chance with him. Not even a small light of chance. No opening, no hope, no care and no chance! I should give up and fade into the background of his life just as the girl that lives next door to him and that has seven classes with him but gym. Thinking to myself that no one will ever love me. No one.
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