Love Is Love (Harry Styles)

Jane is a normal girl with a normal crush on the boy next door. After her family moves to London she becomes friends with Harry who lives next door. She starts falling madly in love with him. She finds out a secret that has her running. Hopping his immortal tricks don't drive her to madness.


8. Oh, Bite Me!

I gaze out my window trying to seek out Harry but I can't find him.
"Harry!" I scream out the window trying to find him,"Harry, where are you?" I say falling to the floor. I cover my eyes wishing this wasn't all real. "Harry," I grasp the side of my bed. "Where's Harry?" I say coming closer to the teen boy. I pin him to the wall looking deep into his eyes.
"You really think I'm scared of a girl that hangs out with the weakest vampire in the whole school?" He laughs smashing me into the wall.
"I'm not scared!" I hiss at him.
"Unlike Harry, I'm not too nice." He says digging his face into my neck.
"Oh bite me." I roll my eyes, before I realize what I just said.
"Oh but do you really want that?" He laughs looking into my eyes.
"Get lost loser," I hiss fighting trying to break free from his hold. "I'll kick your ass." I warn but he doesn't seem worried.
"I'm not even scared, you're nothing but a walking snack." He chuckles.
"You're lucky you have me held back!" I say kicking at him.
"You think you're hurting me." He says rolling his eyes.
"Who the hell are you anyway? And how the hell did you get into my house?" I say looking him over.
"My name is Justin, now can I get back to eating you? You're a threat, you could blow over all out covers. Then, what would we have? Huh? Oh that's right another hell." He says once his eyes go back to my neck. Looking it over and smiling.
"Harry!" I scream out bloody murder.
"Keep screaming love, he can't hear you." He laughs looking at me with a evil grin.
"HARRY EDWARD STYLES!" I scream on the top of my lunges. I feel his sharp teeth graze over my skin. Justin's teeth start to go into my skin making a sharp pain in my throat. "Stop, I won't tell." I scream out in pain.
"Justin?" I hear Harry's voice almost screams. Harry grabs Justin but the back of his head and almost throws him. I fall to the floor gasping for breath.
"What the hell were you thinking? Trying to kill her!" Harry says grabbing Justin's neck. I fall to the floor trying to breath as my eyes slowly shut and I'm out cold.


"Harry?" I whisper lightly.
"I'm right here, don't worry." He says pulling me into his chest. I realize we're lying in his bed, I hold back my tears, the pain in my neck is making it hard to breath. I run my hand over the large bandage that is wrapped around my neck.
"What happened?" I choke out trying to breath.
"Hush, you're going to be in pain for a few more days... You got bit deep. Justin's not the one to mess with..." He says playing with my hair.
"I didn't—" I gasp at the pain and how my throat starts to close. "Harry." I cry out in pain.
"Don't talk, it's just going to hurt you." He whispers into my ear. "Don't worry, my mother called yours and we're having a sleepover. I told my mum what happened and she's covered for you. Everything will be completely fine." He says hugging onto me tighter. I almost scream in pain but I bite my lip trying not to cry.
"How do you get the pain to stop?" I cry with tears streaming down my cheeks. Harry sits up and takes off the well wrapped bandage. He runs his hands over the two deep holes. "It really hurts," I cry.
"Calm down... I don't know what to do really." He says lightly rubbing my neck.
"Please anything you know just do it." I almost scream in pain. "You might as well be burning me in hell!" Tears pump out of my eyes. Harry lightly kisses my forehead. He picks up my bandage and wraps it around my neck once again. Harry sits me up, rubbing my arm.
The sparks we once have aren't sparking anymore. "Where are the sparks?" I choke out. lightly grabbing his hand.
"I don't know... I miss them..." He frowns.
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