Love Is Love (Harry Styles)

Jane is a normal girl with a normal crush on the boy next door. After her family moves to London she becomes friends with Harry who lives next door. She starts falling madly in love with him. She finds out a secret that has her running. Hopping his immortal tricks don't drive her to madness.


11. My Own Hell

"Who still loves you?" Harry says looking at me confused. Harry still towering over me I gasp for air.
"L–Liam," I choke. Harry's hands rub up and down my neck trying to relax me.
"Whose Liam?" He smiles. I sit up now breathing perfectly, I stand looking at Harry in disbelief.
"One of my best friends ever, we text all the time." I say looking down at my feet.
"Do you still like him?" Harry says coming closer to me.
"Yes, but not in that way. Harry I love you, not Liam, Liam is just a friend." I say putting my hand on Harry's.
"You realize what just happened?" He asks looking at me.
"You... YOU BIT ME!" I gasp jumping into his arms.
"Shhh! You have to hide it from your mum and dad!" He says setting me on the bed. He sits next to me and runs his hands up and down my knee. "You know, you look beautiful like this..." I blush and hide my burning cheeks.
"Thanks." I giggle resting my head on his shoulder.

Weeks pass and I start to feel more and more ill... I haven't eaten or slept for about three days... The pain in my sides and throat hurt like hell, I've been Skyping with Liam and he seems more than just worried... I lied to Harry... I still love Liam as if he's my world, I don't want to lose him... My worse mistake so far was that... Well he's coming to have a sleepover for about a week this spring break and I don't know what to do about Harry... Harry's not the jealous type but, he's so strong and he can kill Liam with one punch... Or a bite. But it's, hard to breath around them... They're enchanting, amazing, they both sing like Angels! But I might as well be from hell.. Along with Harry... I basically just drag myself upstairs to my bedroom... I look like another person in the mirror... I'm no longer me, I'm someone that is having the life slowly taken away from her. I wasn't happy before but now I'm miserable... I'm not me... I'm not Jane, I'm not the Jane that is alive... This is hell, my own kind of war. I don't see me living trough this...
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