Love Is Love (Harry Styles)

Jane is a normal girl with a normal crush on the boy next door. After her family moves to London she becomes friends with Harry who lives next door. She starts falling madly in love with him. She finds out a secret that has her running. Hopping his immortal tricks don't drive her to madness.


9. Give Me Love

"How do you get them back?" I say moving very close to Harry, almost sitting on him. His face changes to pain look. I look to his right to he cuts that are deep. "Harry." I gasp looking at the large cuts. But no blood coming from them. "No blood?" I ask looking over the large marks that are puffed and throbbing.
"I can't bleed..." He says covering them. I lightly kiss his neck where the marks are place, the deep cuts close the moment my lips press at them. The skin closes healing over fast. "How'd you do that?" He gasps feeling over his throat.
"All I did was kiss it..." I say feeling his neck. He basically jumps on me pinning me to the bed. "Harry." I cry out, tears forming from pain, his marks might be heeled but mine are still very open and very real. His soft pink warm lips lightly press on my neck making the spark come back to both of us. The pain is lifted from my neck as I feel the pain melt away. Harry sits on top of me holding his lips to my neck. Healing the deep marks that still leak blood, I gasp feeling the power of his touch taking over. My eyes start to flutter shut before he pulls away.
"I can't, I'm not strong enough to help you like you helped me..." He says holding his forehead
"Harry please," I say in pain. I sit up almost knocking him off of me. "I'll do anything." I say begging for his help. "This pain might kill me before you do anything worse." I say running my fingers on his leg.
"But what if... I kill you?" He says holding the back of his neck.
"You won't, because, well can't you just turn me into a vampire and we can fly around as bats or something?" I say laughing.
"I can turn you into a vampire, just not a bat." He laughs looking down at me. "The bat thing isn't real." He says looking at me.
"I wanna be a vampire." I say looking into his deep green eyes.
"No you don't. You wouldn't be happy." He says looking at me with sorrow in his eyes.
"I want to be a vampire. I wanna be yours. In the vision you showed me, it proved that you liked me that way. You know for a fact I love you, more than just a friend. Please Harry. Make me yours, turn me into a vampire that sucks human blood. Although blood is gross... But still. Turn me, wanna be like you." I say pinning him to the bed. "Bite me, make all this pain go away. If you kill me? You kill me. No big deal." I say running my hands on his chest, his bare warm chest that has cuts. His amazing eyes look deep into mine.
"I'll make you a vampire as long as you promise to love me as much as I love you..." He says looking at me with a smile. "I'm pretty much saying if I bite you, you have to marry me." He smiles.
"I'll marry you, and I'll do whatever I have too to keep you loving me." I say brushing Harry's curls out of his eyes.
"I will love you for forever. And forever ends never." He says sitting up holding me in his lap, my legs wrapped around his waste.
"Kiss me," I whisper softly looking at his perfect pink lushes lips. "Please, I'm yours anyway." I say looking deep into his eyes, "you own me, I'm everything you wanted right? Just take my first kiss." I say placing my forehead on his. His arms snake around my waste pulling me closer. I flutter my eyes closed as I wait for his soft lips to press on mine. His arms move up off of my waste and to my head. Tilting my neck back just a little. He unwraps the bandage looking at the blood that has poured out in the last ten minutes. His soft lips press on the skin making me feel amazing, shivers and sparks run all over my body taking my breath away. He kisses up my neck to my ear, kissing behind it making my eyes close tighter. He withdraws from my neck as I look down at him. He stares into my eyes calmly, we both lean in, his lips press on mine taking my breath away completely. Telling at how good Harry is at French Kissing this isn't the first time he's ever made out with someone. He pulls away leaving me speechless.
"W-will you turn me now?" I say trying to process what had just happened.
"No, I don't have the strength..." He says rubbing his forehead. I smash my lips into his placing almost my whole tongue in his mouth. I pull out as his eyes are shut still.
"Now?" I beg.

"When you're fourteen."

"But that's in a month!" I cry.

"Then you'll wait." He laughs. "I can't change you till we're both fourteen. I'm fourteen in three days and you're fourteen in twenty." He says pecking my lips softly.
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