I dont need no super heroes

I was normal. I am normal. And i will be normal. My life was different but nobody knew my story and I didn't want them to. My life was hard but Im not dead so there must be someone looking out for me.


2. Chapter one

Heyy! Ok so when I started this book I didn't really know what it was going to be about but then BAM i got it. And yes after this will be my first chapter but please go read mine and my friend Kara's book 'Sometimes you find things you weren't even looking for' ok so yeh ummm bye!!


You know how you wake up in the morning sometimes and think how the fuck did this happen well this morning was one of them moments. I was wearing my pj's with my hair all fizzy and make up all over my face. I pulled myself away from the horrid imagine of myself looking back up at me in the mirror and walked into the bathroom. I stripped off and stepped into the shower,  I just stood there and let the hot water dribble down my back. Once finished I strolled out into my room and decided what to wear. As I stood there in my towel deciding my phone just off. I run over to it and unlocked it. It was my best friend Jamie. 
Hey bitch hurry up I'm waiting in the car. 
Oh sweet old Jamie we have been friends since prep, we became friends because we thought we both had boys names. I walked into my wardrobe and pulled out my long sleeved maroon half top that says ' don't love tease' in white writing, my black studded high waisted shorts, denim vest and maroon all star sneakers. I was running out of time so I grabbed my make up bag, sunnies and phone. I run down the stairs and locked the door. I saw Jamie in her car and walked over to her. She looked stunning as always she was wearing rippled denim high waisted shorts, black vans and a black half singlet. I opened the door but a sudden cold front hit me. I turned and saw a shadow running in the distance. " hey babe you ok?" Jamie asked though her black ray bans." Umm yeh i guess" I replied climbing in her black land rover. " bitch please you stole my outfit." She complained starting the car " ohh fuck off slut" I joked as we started driving to school. 

***** after trip to school*****


I walked though the school car park and of course the two most popular girls had to be getting out of their car. Alex and Jamie. They are nice if they like you but if they don't your life is a living hell. We all used to be best friends in primary school but that was until Alex's life changed then she turned in a slut and I guess Jamie followed in her foot steps. Alex was a natural blonde but dyed her hair so much that I think everyone including her has forgotten what colour it naturally was. Right now it was a orangey blonde colour. She also had her whole body on display, her long tan legs shown off in extremely short black shorts and a half top that stopped just under her chest showing off her toned stomach and belly bar. Jamie was dressed almost identical in her rippled denim high waisted shorts and half singlet that ,just like Alex's, showed off her abs. My thoughts were interrupted  by  them turning towards me and sending death stares my way. "Can we help you?" Alex said walking towards me but by this time the rest of her 'gang' had showed up. " Are you going to her loser." One of the boys in her group who had his arms hanging over Alex's shoulder spoke up. "N..n..o. No" I stuttered. Yes I scared of her. Last year a girl said something about her dad and she smashed her into a wall then beat her up in front of everyone. "Good now fuck off nerd and do your home work or something." Jamie said and they walked off laughing. 


As we walked off I felt as if someone was watching me. I turned but no one was there except that loser Amber and my friends. 

***** skip to lunch*****

"Hey babe have you seen the new guys like seriously could they be more gorgeous!!" Jamie squealed. I just rolled my eyes. "OMG there they are  aren't they hot" she shouted/whispered and point at the cafeteria doors. "Oh my god" I whispered as I saw who entered it was the guy who I saw the guy from this morning when I was getting I was getting in the car and when I was in the car park. We made eye contact and he smirked. I picked up my bag and walked past him but I continued to walk until I reached the girls bathroom. I closed the door behind me and walked to the sink. I looked at my reflection. How did I become this girl, the school slut, the girl that causes trouble in class, who sits on the table at lunch, laughing and kissing all the boys but when did I become the girl that scares and bullies the girl who helped me when times were hard, she let me live with her for a year when I was forced to live on the street. I started to tear up when I thought of the past. I leaned up against the tiled wall and slid down it. Suddenly the down opened it was him. He turned and locked the door that connected the bathroom to the hall way. He turned back to face me and showed off the same smirk as before. he stopped about 30 centimetres away from me. By this time I was standing but he still towered over me. "Hey beautiful" he said. "He...hey" I stuttered. Why am I so scared of him. "Aww babe do I scare you?." He questioned stepping closer to me.  "Not in the least." I said  swallowing my fear and taking a small step towards him. "Aww why are you trying to act tough." He tilted my chin up. "I am tough and don't touch me." I said swatting his hand away. "Or what " he replied but with that line his eyes went black with a red pupil.

And there you have it the first chapter of it hope you like it comment if you want me to keep going. 

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