fans dont know yet

(zayns pov) most of you know my story since all fangirls are stalkers but rumors have been spread about me having cancer and i dont know how i feel about it so this is my story to you guys to tell you the truth
(author) does zayn really have cancer or is it made up.


2. this cant be true

"zayn we looked at ypur results and we found a lump in your lungs." the doctor said " what is it" i reply "well we thpught of everything it could be but ny other senarios would not make any sense so we think you have ......lung cancer." "oh my god" i cover my face and cry. "we are not positive but we are gunna have you come back next week to run some tests to make sure. im so sorry" he said " its ok" i say as i got up and left. i got back to the appartment.and went to bed thinking "this cant be true this cant be true." i woke up and i wished i wouldnt have woken up.

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