fans dont know yet

(zayns pov) most of you know my story since all fangirls are stalkers but rumors have been spread about me having cancer and i dont know how i feel about it so this is my story to you guys to tell you the truth
(author) does zayn really have cancer or is it made up.


1. news

i was sitting on the couch with the boys watching mtv. they start talking about one direction and my name gets brought up. "so jakie have you seen the pictures of zayn smoking" the interviewer asked. "i have rob i have" jakie replied. "its a shame it could ruin his beautifull voice" jakie said. "i heard the a group of fans started smoking just so they could be like him" rob said. i felt the tears in my throat and i changed the channel. "are you ok mate" niall asked i covered my face with my hands and started crying. i cant believe the fans started smoking because of me. i went up to my room and cryed myself to sleep. when i woke up i had to get ready i had a doctors appointment. i got dressed and ate breakfast. i brushed my teeth and left. when i got there we went threw the ussall check up untill he checked my lungs. "take deep breaths" the docter said. i took a deep breath and i felt  sharp paine in my lungs. i scream out in pain. "you smoke right" he asked "yes" i replied "we are gunna have to give you a cat scan there is somthing in your lungs but i cant tell what it is. i will fax your info to the hospitol up the street and they can get you to the cat scan quickly here is the adress head over because we need to get you checked out sap incase its bad." he sais as he hands me a peice of paper. i follow the direction and pull up to the hospitol. i get out go inside and check in. the front lady sais "it will be an hour untill we can get you back." i smile and walk in to th ewaiting room i put in my music and turn it up loud. an hour later i feel a tap on my shoulder. i take out my music and lok up. "hi im doctor cole you must be zayn"  he said i shake my head yes. "follow me please" he said and i followed him back and he got me ready for the cat scan. he ran it threw and afterwards he sat me down and said "i need to talk to you".

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