What's left? Nothing. Nothing but my team. Now, I'm not talking about my softball or soccer team here, i'm talking about my survival team. We depend on one another. One falls, we all fall. Falling isn't an option anymore considering that if you fall... They get you. The dead. The 'living' dead. You heard me right, Zombies...


1. Welcome to my World...

  Wake up. Take care of the team. Survive. Not the typical day for a 14 year old girl I suppose. Things used to be different. I remember when all this started, how quickly it happened, and how life changing it was. By it I mean the apocolypse basically. Dead everywhere. Living dead that walk and moan and eat people. Once they've cleared you of your insides you become one of them. It's pretty bad... I mean thats kinda obvious isn't it? You gotta shot em in the head. That's the only way to kill em... kill em again. But back to how this all happened. About 3 Years back there was a disease out break. It started with some idiot in Miami eating some guys face off. They told everone it was drugs. Ha! Drugs my butt! He was the first of many to be infected. It stimulates your brain so that your brain can't die off with the rest of you. It goes into effect once you die, or are eaten. So the guy is storming the streats of Miami infecting anybody that inhaled the same air he did. Then it spreads, and spreads, and spreads. Now all of America is infected, maybe the whole world. Dead begin coming back from their graves and stuff like that. Before to long it was every man for himself. I've been living this for 3 years. Not alone though. I've been with my team. Me (Ann), my little 7 year old sister (Sam), my 17 year old brother (Blake), Barey the police officer (35), Barey's wife Alex (30), Kya your typical stuborn business gal (28), Drake who's pretty chill (16), and then Shane (26). Me, Blake, and Sam lost mom and dad about a year back. Our old camp got raided and they never came out... It was tough keeping strong for Sam but I knew I couldn't break down. Kya never talked about having a family. She seems like somebody who wouldn't really associate themselves with anything but work. Sucks to suck. Drake's strong and helps a lot with raising and taking care of Sam. Me and Blake could do fine without his help with her, but it's nice to know he cares at least. He lost his parents but won't tell how. Shane is funny and lightens the mood when everyone is stressed. He's a nature dork. He knows a lot about what berrys are and are not deadly and stuff like that. I guess that's usefull now-a-days. The team is family now. And now this make shift family has one goal. Survive.

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