What's left? Nothing. Nothing but my team. Now, I'm not talking about my softball or soccer team here, i'm talking about my survival team. We depend on one another. One falls, we all fall. Falling isn't an option anymore considering that if you fall... They get you. The dead. The 'living' dead. You heard me right, Zombies...


6. The Real Evil

     We were in the woods behind a couple giant oak trees. Nobody from the camp would be able to hear or see us. Kya gave me a bitter look before finally opening her mouth. "What do you want brat" she asked. "You tried to get Sam and I killed. What the hell is wrong with you? You're a grown woman targeting two kids? You're pathetic Kya." I spit back. "You give nothing to this group! I'm trying to stay alive not babysit two children!" she souted. "Well you won't have to try anymore.." I smirked.

     Kya's eyes widened. "What are you doing?!?!" she cried. I reached into my holster and took out my gun. I pointed the barrel at Kya and placed my hand on the trigger. I knew how stubborn Kya was and how stupid she tought the holsters looked so she never carried a gun with her. Sucks for her. "Ann. Stop. Please!! Think of how angry they all would be if they knew you killed a human!" Kya pleaded. "Face it Kya! We all hate you! Everyone! Alex, Shane, even Sam! Nobody will be mad. You won't be missed a bit!" I shouted back. "You little brat! You think you're such a hero! Such a great person! You're just a BOTHER! We only keep you around because we feel bad that your parents died! I don't! I'm glad! You deserved it you little ass!" Kya yelled.

     I didn't cry at the thought of my parents. My sadness only turned into more hate for Kya. I was a about to pull the trigger when Kya fell onto the floor. I looked down and a walker had grabbed her leg and was pulling her closer. "AHHHH! HELP! ANN! HELP!" Kya cried. I took one last look at her before turning my back and walking away. I felt evil. But I knew that it was safer for me and what was left of my family if she were gone. I guess I felt a bit of sympathy because I looked back at her corpse being feasted out of and shot her in the head. Now she won't become a walker.

     I knew that I'd have to tell the team what happened. That she had been eaten. But I couldn't tell them that I had seen the walker coming. That I knew he was about to grab her and I could've saved her. I didn't feel bad for what had just happened. I knew that it was better for everyone. But how would I explain that to them? As I approched the camp all eyes were on me. Sam ran up to hug me. After letting go of my waist she looked behind me then back at me. "Where did Kya go?" she asked. Everyone looked at me.

     Well.... here goes nothing.

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