What's left? Nothing. Nothing but my team. Now, I'm not talking about my softball or soccer team here, i'm talking about my survival team. We depend on one another. One falls, we all fall. Falling isn't an option anymore considering that if you fall... They get you. The dead. The 'living' dead. You heard me right, Zombies...


3. The Gunshot

     "Oh my god! Was that a gun?" I looked at Drake. "WALKERS! WALKERS!" I heard Shanes voice scream from the camp site. Oh my god! Sam! "Sam! Sam!" I ran up to the campsite with my gun ready. Then I saw them... The walkers. At least 15 of them. Since when did they travel in heards?

     Apparently some of them saw me too because 3 started heading my way. One was a woman, a young woman by the looks. Her neck had a hug bite and her eyes were silver. The other an old man with his intestines hanging out of what used to be his stomache area. The other was a kid. Wait! A kid? A little boy who looked about 6 or 7... Sams age. Oh God... Walker or not I can't shot a kid. BANG! I shot the man. he fell backwards quickly and hit the dry grass. BANG! The woman went down too. Now the kid.

     I looked at him. His cloths torn up. He had on a Braves baseball cap. Must have been a fan. He was bit on the arm. I looked into his silver-red eyes as he moved closer too me. "Muuuuggggggg!!! Errrrrrreeeg!!" he moaned. He was getting closer. I had to shoot him. I raised my gun and aimed it at him. God! I can't do it! He was 5 feet away when suddenly Drake ran up. BANG! The little walker fell to the grass. Dead, again.

     "Are you crazy?!?!" Drake yelled to me, "That thing was about to freakin' EAT you!!!". "That thing was a kid Drake! A little boy!!!" I screamed back. "That wasn't a boy Ann! That was a walker..." Drake turned away. "They all gone?" Blake looked around and asked. Barry answered, "Ya... There had to be about 17 of em! Damn! Where did they..." He was interupted by a scream. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" it was Sam. "SAM!" I yelled and ran toward the scream. "SAAAAM!". "ANN HELP!!!! HELP! AHHHHH" her scream was pircing. Please don't be bit, please don't be bit i said to myself as i ran like hell toward her screams.

     I'm coming Sam! Hang on...

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