What's left? Nothing. Nothing but my team. Now, I'm not talking about my softball or soccer team here, i'm talking about my survival team. We depend on one another. One falls, we all fall. Falling isn't an option anymore considering that if you fall... They get you. The dead. The 'living' dead. You heard me right, Zombies...


4. Sam

     I ran and ran toward her screams. "SAM!!! I'M COMING SAM!!!" I yelled. My pulse was racing, my whole world went red, then I saw her. She was surrounded by walkers.  There had to have been a dozen of the creeps moaning and grunting. She was backed up in a brick corner and her leg was bleeding.


      "SAM!!" I shouted to her. She looked over at me and started crying. "HELP ME!!" she screeched. I had to think quick. What do I do? Oh god.. I pulled out my gun. 4 bullets left. At least it would get rid of a few walkers. BANG BANG BANG!! I knocked down the 3 walkers closest to Sam. BANG! Another one down. Ok Ann.. 8 more. How was I suppose to kill 8 walkers? Where was Blake? Why isn't he here?

     I picked up an old crowbar and charged at the walkers. "ARRGGG!" I grunted as I sank the crowbar into the skull of a moaning walker. I felt a tug on my shoulder. I spun around swinging the bar out of one walkers head and into another. One by one I took on the rest of the pack. Once the last one fell I dropped the crowbar and let everything just sink in...

     Once my adrenaline had calmed I turned to Sam and picked her up in my arms. "Don't EVER stray from the campsite again Sam!!! Do you understand me?" I cried. "I'm sorry Ann," she replied, "I didn't mean to! Kya said that there was a cat over here and I haven't seen one in forever and I just..". I stopped her. "Kya...". That's it. I put Sam down and headed back to the camp.

     Looks like the walkers aren't the only ones dying today...

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