What's left? Nothing. Nothing but my team. Now, I'm not talking about my softball or soccer team here, i'm talking about my survival team. We depend on one another. One falls, we all fall. Falling isn't an option anymore considering that if you fall... They get you. The dead. The 'living' dead. You heard me right, Zombies...


5. Kya

     Kya had no idea what was coming. But how would I do this without making it look like I killed her? Should I kill her? I know I need to. I have to. She tried to kill Sam. I was going to kill her for sure. I approached the camp with Sam by my side, everyone was sitting anxiously waiting for us. Alex saw us first and jumped up to embrace Sam and I. "I'm so glad you two are alright!! We were so worried!!" she cried.

     I looked directly at Kya. We made eye contact for a split second before she turned away. A fire was burning inside of me. I couldn't wait to get me hands on her and... My thoughts were interrupted by Drake, "ANN! Thank god!" he screamed as he hugged me tightly. My heart dropped and  for just a second all of the stress of the world went away and I felt safe. I don't know why though. I don't have feelings for him. Surly I don't. I can't. I need to focus on keeping  myself and Blake and Sam and the team alive. Not a boyfriend.

     I pulled away from Drake and smiled but the smile quickly faded as I turned toward the rest of the team. "Would anyone one like to explain to me why NOBODY came to help me?! We could have died! I took on a whole pack of walkers with 4 bullets and a crow bar!!!" I yelled. No one looked at me. "Blake?" I asked. He glanced at me. "I... Kya.... Kya told us that she had seen you two get eaten.. by the walkers." he mumbled.

     Yep. That's it. Everyone stared at Kya. "Well I thought I did" Kya said stubbornly. I walked away. Into the camper. Everyone waited for me to come out. I went to where I kept my bullets and grabbed 3. I knew what I was about to do would shock everyone. That's why I would keep it a secret. No one will ever know that I killed her. She won't be missed, we all hate her. I walked back out and I looked at Kya. "Can I talk to you in private for a few minutes please. It's pretty urgent." I asked Kya. "....ok" she replied. She slowly stood up and walked with me down by the lake and into the woods.


     This was it...

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