My Brother, Niall Horan

Clarbell has been wanting a sibling for over 3 years because she has no one to talk to. When one day her mother tells her about her brother. Niall Horan. Will she accept it or will she no like the publicity?


15. Revenge With Friends

I decided to call up a bunch of my friends. I told them what we had to do. I paid for them to come all the way to America. When they got here we set up a plot once the boys were out on an interview. We came up with a plan. It might get Harry in trouble with management but we have to do it. The plan was to say that Harry was a going to be a father. Management wont like having a 17 year old famous giving his attention to  a baby. It was going to work.

'1 hour later down in Management'

"Tom I have bad news. Harry is a father to Niall's sisters kid." this got Tom very mad. Mad enough to call off the tour. We told him that he cant tell Harry who told him. He said okay. He was such a nice man. Another step of the plan was to tell Niall.

I went to Niall's room. Thank goodness Harry took Clar out to breakfast. With my saying of course. "Niall I have bad news. 2 things :1.Your sister is going to have a baby.2. Harry is the father." this got Niall even madder then Tom. I of course told Niall not to tell Harry who told him. Best plan I ever had.


Harry's POV

I took Clar to breakfast. Sierra said it was okay. When we got back Tom and Niall were sitting on Clar's bed. Uh-oh. "Clar go in the other room with Perrie, Amy, Danielle, and Eleanor. NOW!!!!" Niall yelled at Clar. I was nervous. "Harry we were told that you are the father of a 17 year old's baby?" h questioned more then told. I nodded slowly before Liam came up behind me and smacked me upside the head. "OWCH!!!" they all stared at me because I guess they didn't care if I got hurt. They called Clar out and they asked her. She said yeah that she was having a baby. But she wanted an abortion. NOW! So we took her to the doctors. She got the abortion. Tom AND Niall had strict orders for Clar and me to stay away from each other. I already wanted that. I just want to get back to my girlfriend. Sierra.




hey guys hope you like it. I made up the revenge. sorry  but I want to finish it so I can start another one so.... HOPE YOU LIKE IT

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