My Brother, Niall Horan

Clarbell has been wanting a sibling for over 3 years because she has no one to talk to. When one day her mother tells her about her brother. Niall Horan. Will she accept it or will she no like the publicity?


4. Meeting One Direction

Niall said he had a surprise for me. He took me to Nando's and sat me with 5 other boys. I realized who they were. I screamed. "IT'S ONE DIRECTION!!!!"

"Shhhh you can't do that other wise we will be bombarded with fans." And after Liam said that I blushed because I was embarrassed.

Liam's POV
I didn't want to yell at her so I wispered. I didn want Niall yelling at me because I yelled at his sister.
"So Liam you are dating someone?" She asked
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