My Brother, Niall Horan

Clarbell has been wanting a sibling for over 3 years because she has no one to talk to. When one day her mother tells her about her brother. Niall Horan. Will she accept it or will she no like the publicity?


2. Having a sibling

Nialls POV

She blacked out. I ran to her automatically and tried waking her up. She didn't. I was worried. My mom said that she does this a lot and she wakes up a little while after. I wouldn't know this because I was never here. I never got to see my 17 year old sister grow up. I'm 19. She is 2 years younger then me.

Clarbells POV
I woke up to see a blondie next to me. I remembered why I blacked out. He's my brother. I am so happy. But there is one question I have. Why did my mom give him up and not me?
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