My Brother, Niall Horan

Clarbell has been wanting a sibling for over 3 years because she has no one to talk to. When one day her mother tells her about her brother. Niall Horan. Will she accept it or will she no like the publicity?


17. Flight Home

I couldn't tell her she cant have a boyfriend if I had a girlfriend. And after that incident with Harry she is lucky that she is leaving her room."Clar listen. You can have a boyfriend as long as its not one of the boys in One Direction. So if you can find a guy who wont get you pregnant and that you really truly love can date him. But that is when you have you outside freedom again." I told her which just got her mad. She stormed into her room. Then 2 minutes later I heard our door open. Liam walked in. "Hey Nialler we brought....." I jumped up out of my room and ran out to the kitchen. I knew he would bring food. YEAH!!!!!! We sat down and started to eat. Harry walked in. "Is it okay im here Nialler?" I nodded but said " Don't go in her room." he nodded and sat down. Then Louis walked in. Zayn woke up because Louis, Liam, and me went in his room and started jumping on his bed. We all sat down to eat when Tom, Josh, Andy, and Paul walk in. It looked like they had good news.


Louis's POV

Tom, Josh, Andy, and Paul walked in with good news. They said we had an interview at Chatty Man in 4 days back in London. YEAH! I love those interviews they are so awesome. But when I looked over at Niall he looked like he had an idea. He got up, grabbed his phone, and went in his room. What was he doing?


Niall's POV

I went in my room to get a plane ticket back to Ireland. I was sending Clar home. I called mom and told her. I just needed a plan because her flight is in  3 hours. I went into her room and had her start packing and told her mom needed her. She packed right away.

'3 hours later'

We drove her to the airport and she boarded her flight. Bye-bye Clar!

Harry's POV

I went back to my room when Niall left. Sierra just got there not knowing I was behind her. I grabbed her by the waist spun her around and kissed her passionately. She returned the kiss. She was my girl.


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