My Brother, Niall Horan

Clarbell has been wanting a sibling for over 3 years because she has no one to talk to. When one day her mother tells her about her brother. Niall Horan. Will she accept it or will she no like the publicity?


10. Finding In Time

I decided to go to the airport to catch Niall before he boarded his flight to say sorry. I got a quick shower, got dressed, and left for the airport. When I got there it was packed. I thought I would never find him until I saw the blonde hair.


Nialls POV

"Niall wait!" I heard Carebear scream to me. I was just about to board but I decided to listen to what she had to say. "Niall im so sorry. I didn't think before I said that. You didn't ruin my life. I was mad because you told. I..." " Carebear I don't care that you said that to me im just you invited Harry to stay over without permission. Listen I forgive you. The lads and I were thinking. Do you want to come on tour with us?" I asked her. She looked upset. "Niall I want to but I don't have any clothes." "Its okay. I have money that you can borrow. And don't worry about mom or a plane ticket. It is taken care of." She nodded and we boarded the plane to America. I hope this will be fun.

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