Everything Changes

Amy Rite has known Niall Horan all her life. He promised he he would never change, even going into X-Factor. But he did, he did change. And that ruined both of their lives.


9. Nobody

**MARIE'S P.O.V.**

He called me back in the morning saying: "I might just love you too, Marie. Picnic with me in 20?" In his seductive voice. I agreed and hung up. Then I walked the three blocks to the cute little field where Harry was waiting.

He was great.

I liked him a lot. I felt tingly and happy around him.   He brought sandwiches and bottled water. We ate and laughed.

I felt like I had known him forever. We just kind of, clicked.   I cuddled next to him on the bench.  

He started singing softly. "I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth."   He had the most beautiful voice. He smiled down at me.  

He leaned down to kiss me, and his phone rang.

"Ugh, sorry, I have to get this." he said   "Mkay." i smiled.   He ended his conversation with whoever it was with "Okay, yeh, love you too, bye"  

"Was that your mum?" I asked him.

"No. It was Taylor." He said nervously. I could tell he was debating about lying to me or not lying.   "Who's that?" I asked.  

"My girlfriend." He said quietly.  

"WHAT?!" I shouted. I  stood up.  



"Well, technically, yes." He looked ashamed.

"H-How could you?" I asked softly. I started crying.

"I didn't mean for this to happen." Harry stood next to me awkwardly.

"Yeah, no shit! You wanted to keep cheating." I yelled.

"Marie, look, what I meant is I never planned on feeling this way about you. The second I saw you, I knew I couldn't keep myself away from you. I love you." He smiled sadly.

"You love me. Yeah, whatever. You're Harry Styles. You could have whatever girl you want, and you love me? I'm nobody, Harry. You deserve Taylor, or whatever model or celebrity you like. I don't know what type of game you're playing on me, but I'm not sticking around to find out." I snapped, and walked away, crying.

He ran after me. "Marie, please!"

I kept walking, but something inside me told me that I was leaving love behind.

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