Everything Changes

Amy Rite has known Niall Horan all her life. He promised he he would never change, even going into X-Factor. But he did, he did change. And that ruined both of their lives.


8. Date With The Boys


Damn, she was hot, but we have to all hang as a group tonight. Niall's order. He said Marie already knew. So whatever. 

I was walking to get a drink at the local pub and she was already at the door.

"Harry! Hey!" She grinned. I grinned right back.

"Hi! You're still coming to Niall's tonight, right?" I asked.

"Yep! Want to get a drink?" She asked. She was so peppy and fun and hot. I liked her a lot more than I had intended.

"Sure!" I said. We walked in, drank a bit too much, and walked out. Marie was leaning on me, or she would fall. My arm was around her. We collapsed on a park bench, dying of laughter. For no apparent reason.

I leaned in, and kissed her. Her lips fit perfectly, and we made out on the bench until we were out of breath. We pulled apart grinning.

"I'm going to have a killer hangover tomorrow." She said, in her cute little accent.

"Babe, the day's still young, it's only 6pm! We should head to Niall's soon." I slurred.

"Mhmm." She moaned. "I'm going to go get reeeeaaady."

I kissed her again. And then I walked her home.

Once I got to Niall's, the lads and Amy were on the couch talking. 

"Someone had a pint?" Niall asked, laughing.

"Yeh." I said. And sat on the small chair next to the couch.

An hour later, Marie walked in. No sign of her being drunk anymore. She said her hello's and smiled at me, and came and sat on my lap on the chair. I put my arms around her. This was a nice break. 

We kissed a lot more during the movie. She went home, smiling and blushing a lot. She called me once she was out the door and said: "I love you, Harry Styles." And hung up.

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