Everything Changes

Amy Rite has known Niall Horan all her life. He promised he he would never change, even going into X-Factor. But he did, he did change. And that ruined both of their lives.


6. Change It Back

**AMY'S P.O.V.**

I rolled over on the couch. The sun was bright in my eyes. My parents left a note that said "out." 

The note is always there. They're always "out".

Marie called me last night and told me all about Niall. And how the boys are coming. Yippee.

I brushed my hair and got dressed. I was just about to fix myself up some cereal but the doorbell rang. It was Sabrina.

"Can I help you?" I asked her, furrowing my eyebrows.

She broke down in tears. "I hate you! We're over. Niall broke up with me this morning. I hope you're happy you good-for-nothing bitch!" She yelled at me.

 "I-I'm sorry. Do you want to come in?" I asked, surprised.

She glared at me, spit at me, and walked away. I stood there, speechless. And with a spit wad on my shoe.

I noticed a letter sticking out of the mailbox. I opened it at the kitchen table and read it aloud to myself.

"Dearest Amy, 
I love you. I'm so sorry. 
I honestly, got caught up in fame. I didn't realize any of how I have changed until Marie brought it up yesterday. She's right. I did change. We changed. But everything changes, and maybe we can change it back. I miss you so much. Please meet me at Politer's at 7pm.
xx, Niall"

Politer's was our old favorite bar. My eyes watered at memories. I decided to meet him.

After eating cereal and searching the web for a few hours, I put on a tight black pencil skirt, pink heels, and a pink and blue flowy top.

I ate a quick snack, did my makeup and hair, and walked up to Politer's.

He was smiling at me from the doorway. "I've missed you so much," he said, in his adorable accent.

I hugged him tightly. "I know. You missed me so much you blocked me out of your life." I smiled.

"I'm so sor-" he started, but I put a finger up to his lips to quiet him. 

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