Life in the trees

Have you ever thought of running away from home? Ever thought of just taking everything you could carry and march off? Well if you have, its not as easy as it seems.

Ava was 14 when she realized that the life she had was not one she wanted to live. She and her brother (Thomas or Tom age 14) and her three friends that she had grown up with her whole life (Sawyer age 14, Wyatt age 11, and Kylie age 12) went with her. Up in the trees they have a new life to discover.....


1. May 23 2003 *Ava*

     My life is not fun right now. I'm writing my story in a journal my uncle Clay gave to me. He is not really my uncle but he seems like one to me, Thomas (Tom),  Sawyer, Wyatt, and Kylie. They are some of my best friends that Ive know since I was little. We each got one and he said it would be best to express our feelings in it. I'm going to write my story and then publish it for people to read so they know how exactly how not to treat their children. In my family Thomas and I are the only ones who are actually related to the Bucklons. Everyone else was adopted but we treat them like family.

     I just woke up. There are a total of 15 kids on this farm. I could name them all but.....hey what the heck ok il do it. Braden is the youngest at age 4. Then there are the twins Harry and Joseph at age 6. Then there is Kelly at 7, and Daivid at 9. Then we have two more identical twins Tessa and Marry at age 11. Lucas is at age 11 as well, and Dylan is at 12. And then there is Stacey at 13. That is everyone besides my closest friends Tom (my brother), Sawyer, Wyatt, and Kylie. Anyways, I just woke up and me and Tom are writing in out journals when our alarms go off. We both get up and go upstairs to make breakfast. This has to be the easiest job all day. All of the other things we have to do include back-breaking labor.

     "I hate this." Tom complained as we put on our work clothes over what we already had on. We work in overalls,shorts, and white tee shirts. I know not the best thing in the world. At night we just take off the overalls.

     "Which part?" I asked already knowing what his response would be. He looked at me and rolled his eyes as we walked upstairs towards the kitchen.

     I went to the fridge as we started to make breakfast just like we do every day. I grabbed the eggs and cheese and made both scrambled eggs and sausage and pepper omelets. Tom made pancakes and toast, and that was when The twins Harry and Joseph walked in. Both were smiling which meant that something was about to happen.

     "What did y-" I was cut off by a loud popping noise coming from upstairs that was followed by a scream from Mrs. Bucklon. The boys ran back downstairs giggling, and were probably about to pretend to be sleeping when Mrs. Bucklon came marching down the stairs. When she did I could barely stop my self from bursting into laughter when Tom stomped on my foot. Her face was covered in a concoction of green slime and brown goo. I did not want to know what either of the two were. The worst part was it started to smell. Really badly.

     "Who did this to me?!" she screamed.

     I shrugged and said, "I think its an improvement."

     I am being serious when i say that her face literally went from red as a cherry turning purple!

     "It doesn't matter." she said wiping the nasty stuff off of her face, "because neither of you will be getting any food until one of you confesses. Now I want you working hard hours in the fields! Its selling season! There is work to be done!"

     She marched off leaving us to finish the food that we weren't going to even eat and then go work in the fields all day not knowing if she would ever let us back inside.

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