Life changed then

OK i'm Lizzie and Before the move my life was perfect. I had all the friends anyone could want, I was rich and famous, Everyone wanted be like me, etc, etc, etc. Then one day my parents had left the house usual, but never came back. They were headed to the opera. I was at home and I got a call from the police, My life changed then...


2. The orphanage

 Soon after the accident I went to stay with Hana for a while, still no one found out. Then I went to go live in an orphanage, it was awful. the beds were so dirty that you couldn't even see it there was so much mold. then the ceiling was caving in. Soon after that I ran far away from there. I ran only stopping for rest, and the usual I ran for weeks, through town after town, wood after wood, state after state. Till I  ended up in South Carolina, in a small county and city called Greenwood. I met lots of people, they all talked to me with out knowing who I was, it was so strange. I enrolled in arts school hoping to take after my parents and continue their legacy, not completely. While I was at school I met someone very nice and theater geeky (no offense to theater geeks I love theater too). Her name was Melissa. She helped me with everything. she even helped me find an orphanage. This one was so much better. Everything was clean, you could see the floor, the beds, and the walls oh and there was a ceiling you weren't worried was going to cave in on you. There was sunlight everywhere, there were books actual physical books! The people there were extremely nice, the kids weren't snobby, like at the last orphanage, I fell asleep thinking to my self, "I'm really gonna like it here."

A/N: Hey sorry we haven't updated in a while we've been busy. Hope you like this mini chapter

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