A New Life, A New Love. (A Niall Horan love story)

My name is Alice Valentine. Everyone calls me Ali though. My life turned upside down 2 years ago when my mother died in a car wreck. Ever since, my father abuses me every day, and if that isn't bad enough, I also get bullied everyday at school. I only have 1 best friend. Her name is Summer Rose. I have never told anyone my story,not even Summer, due to fear. Mt father would kill me if I told. Will my life always be like this??


3. chapter 3

                                                      Alice's P.O.V

     I was walking out the door and then my phone buzzed in my pocket.


Where are you?! School starts in 5 minutes! Hurry Ali! :o

My eyes got wide. I checked the clock on my phone and it was 7:55! If I get there after 8 and i'll be late and Dave will KILL me! I texted Summer back.


Im on my way!!!! I didnt realize it was this late! I'm about a 6 minute walk from school!Gonna have to run :(

she immediatly texted back



     I put my phone back in my pocket and started running to school.I made it there and I was breathing hard because it was hot outside and I had on jeans and a long sleeve shirt... I like running but NOT in hot weather. I checked my phone and it was 7:59. I sighed a breath of releif and walked in the school. For a minute I heard no insults...weird.Maybe today wouldn't be as bad. Then I realized I spoke to soon. All I heard going down the dreadful hall were insults.

    I walked as fast as I could to my locker and when I got there, Summer was waiting for me with a sad look on her face. I walked up to her and asked "What's wrong girly??" She just looked up at me and replied "Come to my house after school and i'll tell you then." I really wanted to know what was wrong so I could help her and she wouldn't be sad all day. She sighed and said "Ali I know you want to know what's wrong but it can wait till later." I laughed and between giggles I asked "Am I...that...easy to...read?" She shook her head yes and burst out laughing also. When we finally calmed down Summer said "Come on, lets get to class. Oh and did you know we had a test today? Mr.Smelly came in the hall a few minutes before you got here and reminded everyone about it. I forgot to study...did you study?" I was confused, I thought the test was tomorrow!! "Oh My God no!! I totally forgot! I thought the test was tomorrow!" I nearly screamed right there! I hope I remember some of this stuff because if I don't, Dave will surely bring out the knife tonight. She sighed "Looks like we're BOTH gonna fail. That.really.sucks." I nodded. She had NO idea what failing meant to me...if only she knew.Should I tell her tonight?No...I cant. She will freak out and call the police and Dave will literlly kill me! She can't know. I felt someone poke me on the shoulder. "Hello?" Summer held out the "o" in hello "Ali! Did you just hear what I said?" I shook my head "no" and asked what she said. She sighed and repeated herself "I SAID, the bell is going to ring any minute, we need to head to class." As if on que, the bell rang and we were heading towards History where the test would be taken.


 A/N: Heyyyy! Finally got to update again! Promise I will update again soon. The first one to comment on this story gets to be in this story as the popular mean girl! yay.

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