A New Life, A New Love. (A Niall Horan love story)

My name is Alice Valentine. Everyone calls me Ali though. My life turned upside down 2 years ago when my mother died in a car wreck. Ever since, my father abuses me every day, and if that isn't bad enough, I also get bullied everyday at school. I only have 1 best friend. Her name is Summer Rose. I have never told anyone my story,not even Summer, due to fear. Mt father would kill me if I told. Will my life always be like this??


2. chapter 2

                                                           Alice's P.O.V                                                                   

      I woke up to the sound of my father yelling for me to go to school. I sighed and got out of bed. I hate school because I get bullied, but school is better than here with my abusive dad. I grabbed a long sleeve shirt and some jeans and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. I always wear long sleeve shirts and jeans so it will cover up my bruises and cuts from my father. I turn on the water and wait for it to get just right. Once it is, I step under the nice warm water. For a minute, I start to think about my life in the past two years. My mother dying, my father abusing me, and the bullying. I start tearing up thinking about it. I sighed and started to wash my hair and body. When I finished and got dressed, I heard footsteps pounding on the stairs.My father (im calling him Dave from now on) Barged through the bathroom door. He came in and punched me in the jaw and I fell to the floor. He yelled "HURRY UP! You're gonna be late!" Then he kicked me in the stomach and left. I got up with tears of pain in my eyes and looked in the mirror. My cheek was already turning purple from him hitting me. I sighed and went into my room. I got my make-up from under my bed and tryed to cover my bruise the best I could. By the time I finished, you couldn't even see the bruise. I started thinking to myself again. Will my life always be like this?

         I walked down the stairs as quietly as possible. When I got to the bottom I saw dave sitting in front of the Telly and drinking beer. I tip-toed toward the front door hoping to go unseen. "Alice! Get over here." Crap. "Yes Dave?" He took a swig of his drink and replied "I need you to go to the store today and get me some beer. Here is $20," He threw a $20 bill on the ground and continued "that should be enough for a six pack." I said "Fine." and put my stuff on the ground so I could get the $20 bill on the ground. When I bent down to get it, I felt a hand on my neck pulling me up. He looked me in the eye and said "You better be back by 8:00, okay?" By now I was probably turning blue from lack of air. I nodded the best I could and he dropped me on the ground with a thud. I stayed there on my hands and knees for about two minutes when Dave yelled "GET OUT OF HERE ALREADY!" I got up off the ground and grabbed the money and my bags, then walked out the front door.


A/N: Hi! sorry again for the short,crappy chapter but try to remember that this is my first Fanfiction! Oh and sorry it took a while to update :/ The power went out while I was writing this chapter last night.I had to start all over! :( Alright well I gtg! Bye Lovelies! Kamrynxx ~<3~

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