Kiss You

Sequel to Reality Ruined my Life. When all of One Direction is engaged, and Eleanor and Louis have a baby on the way. What challenges will they face?


13. Perfect

Paige's POV
Months had gone by, and I was getting married soon. Niall and I were going to our own rented island, off the coast of, Australia for a month, coming back, and Brittney and Liam were going to get married. Sydney was four months pregnant with twins. We were getting into our dresses for the wedding. Sydney's had to be altered because of her baby bump. My mum walked in. "I just talked to Niall!" She exclaimed. "About what?" I asked nervous. "He's excited to get married!" My mum was happy for me. She knew Niall was the one for me.

Niall's POV
The wedding ceremony was starting. Harry and Sydney started the parade. Then came, Brittney and Liam, Eleanor and Louis, then Perrie and Zayn. I walked down, someone carrying Lucas bearer, and a little flower girl. Paige was an only child, so Sydney's brother walked her down the aisle. He gave her away to me. We spoke our vows. "Niall, from the moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one for me. And when you showed up in my old principle's office, I was praying that you would be there for me. When our lips touched for the first time, butterflies and fireworks went off, and every time we kiss, it's like the first time. You have gone through so much with me, and I vow to help you love life. To always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home." She was crying and I was tearing up. "Paige, I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love. You are too beautiful and precious to let go of. You care for me and all that I am, even when I do things you don't care for. You have made my life complete. I promise, that through all the fights, and the long nights, I will never give up on us. You have brought so much meaning and happiness to my life, and you continue to bring it, every time I'm around you. I love you with all my heart. I love you so much." Lucas gave us the rings. Paige's wedding present was there. Her ring had diamonds in it, and inside, it said, 'I love you so much!' She saw this before I put it on her and tears streamed down her face. "You may now kiss the bride." I dipped her, and gave her a long passionate kiss. "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Niall Horan ." We walked down to the aisle and went to our wedding reception.

Sydney's POV
We all headed to the wedding reception. We got there, sat down, and our food came by. It wasn't a normal thing, but Harry and I stood up together for the toast. I spoke first. "Niall, thank you so much for caring for her. You are so sweet, and Paige deserves a guy like you. If you hurt her, Horan, I will personally come after you. I guess it doesn't really work when both of you are Horan's now." There were some laughs and Harry spoke up. "Paige, ever since you came into Niall's life, he's been even more cheerful, and I didn't think that was possible. Niall waited for a long time for you, you are his princess. But, Horan, I won't come after you if you break his heart, that's other Styles' job." There were some more laughs, and I spoke again, "Paige, I know all the dramatic relationships you went through. When either of us thought a boy was treating us like a man, the other would take a look. Niall is that man. He is the one for you and I couldn't be happier that you found him." Harry spoke up, once more. "Niall, I've never seen you happier. Paige is definitely the girl for you, and I can tell by the way you two look at each other. This couldn't have been a more perfect match." Paige and I were crying and Niall and Paige walked hand in hand to the dance floor for their first dance. They danced to, I Can't Help Falling In Love With You. Their dance was over, and they kissed. The rest of the event was filled with, dancing, desert, and fun. Everyone left, and we cleaned up. We went home and Niall and Paige went to their island. I got home and got in the bath. My back was killing me. Harry came in with candles, and rose petals and joined me. "What're we going to name them?" I asked him. He looked at me and I was holding my belly. "Well, since we're having a boy and a girl, what do you wanna name the girl?" He asked me. "I like Darcy Elaine Styles." I told him. He smiled. "What do you want to name the boy?" I asked him. "Karter Lane Styles." He replied. "That's so cute!" I replied. "Only five more months!" He told me. "Yeah. Only five more months..."

Brittney's POV
Liam and I were getting married after Paige and Niall came back. It was like wedding, after wedding, after wedding! When Paige came back, we were going to get dresses. Sydney, Perrie and Eleanor were coming with me to find a dress and to browse the bridesmaids dressed. We got to the shop, and it took a while but I finally found the perfect dress. It was a white strapless ball gown with a bow at the waist and it touched the floor. I put it on and walked out. "You look amazing!" Sydney told me. "That is beautiful!" Perrie agreed. "You are stunning!" Eleanor told me. I couldn't believe I was getting married. I was so excited.
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