Kiss You

Sequel to Reality Ruined my Life. When all of One Direction is engaged, and Eleanor and Louis have a baby on the way. What challenges will they face?


3. Paris

Paige's POV
We were off to Paris! I was so excited. We were only on the plane for an hour. Niall said he had a surprise for me when we got off the plane. I sat there thinking of lyrics for a song. We landed and Niall and I snuck away from everyone else. We didn't have to worry about our luggage, because management would grab it for us. We were in our 'disguises'. I didn't know where we were going, but Niall seemed to know exactly where were going. I was looking down, and Niall told me not to look up. I like surprises, so I obeyed. He let me look up. Standing in front of me, was a gondola. "Niall! This is amazing!" He smiled. "Just wait, this isn't all of it." He replied. We rode on the water and had a picnic. We were in front of the Eiffel Tower. I had told Niall how I had always wanted to see it. "Niall, this is beautiful!" I exclaimed. He grabbed me from behind. We got off and we started walking towards the tower. Niall kept walking, towards the elevator. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Just wait." We got to the viewing area, and there was no one up there. "Why is no one up here?" I asked him. "Because, I reserved it for us." He couldn't be more perfect.

Niall's POV
We walked towards the edge. There was music playing in the background. Paige was holding onto the edge. I had my arms around her waist. I spun her around after a few minutes and kissed her passionately. We kissed until we needed air. I started spinning her around. We danced for what seemed like eternity. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. And she was all mine. "Paige, what were you feeling when I didn't come after you in New York?" I asked her. We were still dancing. "Well, I was sad about it, but when I saw you in the principle's office, I knew you had come after someone, and I was hoping it was me." "When did you know it was you who I wanted?" I asked her. "Well, you couldn't take your eyes off of me in the principle's office, but who can?" She said joking. I chuckled. "I love you so much, Paige." "I love you more." She told me. "I love you most." We left the tower and went for dinner. We ate and went to the hotel. "Where the hell where you?" Paul asked as we walked in. "On a romantic evening." I told him. I wasn't going to take his crap. "Oh. Okay then. Did anything happen?" "As in being attacked? Nope. We're okay. We signed a few autographs and headed here." He let us go upstairs. Sydney walked out of their room as she heard us. We were the only people on this floor, so she knew it had to be us. "Oh my gosh! Where were you?! You scared us all half to death?" She practically yelled. "Hahahaha it's okay Sydney! We just went on a little adventure!" Paige told her. They hugged and we went our separate ways. That night, the only room that didn't have noise coming from it, was the one with Lou and El.

Lou's POV
"They all need to have sex quieter!" I yelled, trying to get them to shut up. El just laughed at me. "You're missing this, aren't you?!" She said, pointing to herself. I nodded with a pouty face. "Don't blame me. Blame yourself!" She exclaimed. I chuckled and let it go. We watched tv and I had my hands wrapped around her and the baby. We fell asleep with the tv on, to block out the noise of the others.
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