Kiss You

Sequel to Reality Ruined my Life. When all of One Direction is engaged, and Eleanor and Louis have a baby on the way. What challenges will they face?


14. Kicking

Niall's POV
This island was beautiful! It was our last day. We were packing and Paige got into a bikini. "Let's go swimming!" She said. I got into my swim trunks, and we walked out to the beach. We played in the water and hung out on the sand for a while. We walked back into the house. Paige walked to the bathroom and I followed her. She turned on the water to the shower and jumped in. I joined her. "Can I not shower alone?" She teased. "Nope. We're married now. You can't do anything alone." I teased back. She smiled. We showered and she got into my sweats and one of my tank tops. "You look adorable in that!" I told her. She smiled, and curled up in a ball on the bed. "Ready to go back?" I asked her. "Yes and no." She replied. "What do you mean?" "Well, I love it here, and I love being alone with you, but I want to my unborn niece and nephew." I nodded and agreed. We had been in solitary confinement for a month, and I didn't want to give up this privacy. But, it was time to go back. We fell asleep and in the morning, left the island, and went home in a private jet. Paige fell asleep and stayed asleep until the last hour or two. We descended and drove home. We got home and Paige had to go to a dress fitting for Brittney. She left and I fell asleep.

Harry's POV
Sydney and I were relaxing. She suddenly looked down at her belly, and grabbed it. She giggled and grabbed my hand. "One of them is kicking!" She cheered. I could feel it kicking there were four months left before they came. "I'm still so excited. We're going to be parents!" I cheered and she giggled. "Do you want sushi now?" I teased. She actually thought about it. "That actually sounds really good. Like better than anything else I could crave at the moment." I smiled. "So you do wanna go get sushi?!" I asked excited. "Only if it's okay with you!" She replied. I nodded and we left. When we walked into the sushi restaurant, we got some weird looks. They sat us down, and our waitress came by with water. "How far along are you?" She asked Sydney. "Five months. Twins." She smiled. "Well I'm glad you can enjoy sushi!" She replied. Sydney smiled. We ate and went back to the house. We fell asleep. Tomorrow, Brittney and Liam were getting married.

Brittney's POV
I woke up and looked at Liam. "Ready to become Mrs. Payne?" He asked me. I smiled and nodded. I got up and got breakfast. I kissed Liam goodbye and went to Sydney's flat. The boys were staying at our flat. Stylists were there and they did my hair and makeup. I got into my dress and shoes after we got to the park. We had our own little rooms. My mum walked in. "Can your dad come in?" She asked. I looked around and everyone was waiting for the wedding start, all dressed and ready, so I let him come in. "You ready?" I nodded. "You look so beautiful." He said tearing up. "Dad, thank you. But, please don't cry, or I'm going to cry." He smiled and we all got up to go. The groomsmen carried the bridesmaids because it was hard to walk in grass with heels, and my dad carried me. Liam was already waiting. The ceremony started, and couples walked down the aisle one at a time. My dad walked me down the aisle as Liam's jaw was hitting the floor.

Liam's POV
She was absolutely stunning, and all mine. My jaw was practically hitting the floor, and I could tell Brittney knew, because she was giggling to herself. I met her and her dad. "Take care of my little girl, Liam." I smiled and nodded. She kissed her dad on the cheek, and we walked up. Vows were spoken, and rings were exchanged. "You may now kiss the bride." I picked Brittney up, bridal style, and kissed her passionately. I carried her back down the aisle. We traveled to our wedding reception. It was winter, and it started snowing when we got there. Somehow, it was still nice enough for the wedding, outside. We got to the place, and everyone took their seats. We were eating a little bit, when Zayn and Perrie stood up to make speeches. "Brittney, I know how happy you make Liam. At our Madison Square Garden concert, Liam would not stop talking about you. That was just over a year ago and look how happy you've made him. Thank you for putting a smile on my brother's face." Zayn told her. Brittney was crying tears of joy. Perrie was talking to me m. "Brittney is one of my best friends. I see how happy you two are together, and I know the fans do too. Brittney has gone through a lot, and you were there for her, even if she didn't want anyone around. I think we've all forgotten about the whole misunderstanding about the ring, and I'm sorry to bring it up, but you went through so much for her, and even in the hospital, you never left her side. Thank you Liam." Zayn turned to me and spoke again. "I see how happy Brittney makes you and I am so grateful. Not a lot of girls are willing to stick around for all the drama and hate of being famous, but that's why all of our girls are perfect for us, because they stay. Congratulations Liam." "Brittney, I have never seen you happier. I guess, I never really knew you before, but all the pictures from before you and Liam, you don't look near as happy as you do today. I know you're going to have kids, and I can't wait to see how happy you are with the kids and Liam. You have no reason to be unhappy, Brittney. Please stay happy." After we ate, we we headed to the dance floor. We asked Sydney to sing our first dance song. We chose Accidentally In Love. The dance came to an end, we ate desert, and the reception came to an end. We got into a limo and headed off to the airport. We went in a private jet. "Where are we going Mr. Payne?" Brittney asked me. "Wait and see, Mrs. Payne." She kept asking but I wouldn't tell her. I wanted this to e as perfect as possible.
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