Kiss You

Sequel to Reality Ruined my Life. When all of One Direction is engaged, and Eleanor and Louis have a baby on the way. What challenges will they face?


5. I Would Rather It Be Me

Sydney's POV
"You fucking little bitch. I told you not to bring anyone, and you brought people. You got me arrested, but I was a good little boy and got out of that fucking prison." He pulled out duct tape, a sock, and a knife. He put the sock in my mouth and covered it with duct tape. "If you make any noise, I have this knife to go into your skin." I nodded to tell him I understood. He put duct tape around my hands and taped them together. And he taped my legs together and taped them to the ground. He cut all my clothes open and left me bare naked on the ground. "This is your punishment for everything you've made me go through. You're a nasty little skank."He threw my clothes in the trash can. He took his clothes off and was standing there right in front of me. "Maybe, next time, you'll learn to not get me in trouble for things that I enjoy a lot. I haven't had my wife to rape, all those other sexy little skanks got let free, but I told my wife, that if she ever left, I would find her again and rape her, until she's dead." He started feeling my chest. It was about ten minutes later before he started raping me. "Where is help?" I thought. "You don't deserve to have a good life. You should be living a bloody hell, because you're a cunt." He had cut me about twenty times, and I hadn't made a noise. He was cutting all up and down my arms a legs. He moved me onto my back. He started cutting my chest. "If I get caught, and get let free again, I will rape you until you're dead. And I will rape you even after you're dead." There was a bang on the door, about an hour after I had been in there, being raped by him. He stood up and put his clothes on, quickly. He hid me, duct tapped to the wall behind the door and opened the door. There was police there. I screamed as loud as I could, with my mouth being duct tapped. I saw Harry and him and the police ran in. They took my dad away, and Harry shut the door, and carefully took all the tape off of me. There was a knock on the door. Harry looked out. There was a police officer standing there. "Can you get me something to cover her up?" He shut the door and looked me in the eyes. I was bleeding, and I was crying. He held me close. I was bawling into his chest, when someone brought in a blanket. "We need to get her to the hospital. She's bleeding." He told the police officer. He was crying. Before they could ask me any questions, I was on a gurney, in a blanket, with Harry by my side, on the way to the hospital.

Eleanor's POV
"I didn't know it took this long to talk, in Starbucks." Liam pointed out. We were all still in Niall and Paige's room. We were all extremely worried. Lou got a call from Harry. He put it on speaker phone. "I didn't know who to call first. All of you need to come down to the hospital now." He was crying. We all looked at each other, grabbed keys, and purses, and shoes and ran out the door. Lou was still on the phone. "Mate, we'll be right there. Hold on." They hung up, and we rushed to the hospital. Harry found us. There was a police officer there, asking him questions. So, it was obviously Sydney that got hurt. The police officer was done questioning Harry, but still stayed. We all ran over to Harry. He broke down in tears. Paul was somewhere else, guarding off the paps. "Mate, what happened?" Lou said sternly, but gently. "I couldn't save her. He threatened us." He got out. "Harry, you have to tell us what happened." Niall told him. He shook his head, crying. The police officer came over. "May I?" He asked. Harry looked up and nodded. "They were all at Starbucks. Him, the girl, the big man, and another man. The girl, Sydney, got up to go to the bathroom, and after she got up, the other man threatened the big man, and him, saying that, if they went after them, he would immediately stab Sydney in the heart. They panicked, and waited about an hour to call us. We don't know what happened during that hour. We're waiting for Sydney to get out of care. When we found her, she was cut up extremely, and he left her bare." We all stood there in shock. How could someone do such a thing? We were all crying now. Harry, and us girls the most. "Harry, this isn't your fault." Lou told him. Lou was holding me. "It's all my fault. I shouldn't have let her go." He said crying. The doctor came and told us that we can see her, but it'd be best one at a time, because she was very traumatized. Harry went in first, and the detective went in after. It was then, me, Lou, Paige, Niall, Brittney, Liam, Perrie, and Zayn. She didn't start the story until everyone got in the room. She was bruised and had a lot of cuts. She was shaking and was afraid to talk. She wasn't afraid of us, she was just afraid that her father would come in. I don't think that we can even call him her father. He doesn't act like one, and he's just terrible. We're all going to call him 'the devil' now. "Sydney, don't worry. If he comes, we're all here to protect you." Zayn spoke up. "I don't want you guys getting hurt though. I know what he's capable of, and I would rather it be me than you guys." She said that, and we all started crying more, but it wasn't very noticeable. She started telling us how he was cutting her, and how he said she didn't deserve a good life, and everything he did and said to her. It was too hard to listen to. I had to excuse myself, and I ran out of the room bawling. Lou came out after me. "It's okay El, it's okay." I just shook my head. "No! It's not okay! How could someone do that to their own daughter?! What if she gets pregnant with because of it?! We all know, she doesn't believe in abortion, and she hates adoption." "El, we're all going to get through this. We just have to wait and see what happens." He said comforting. "Happy birthday to her!" I said sarcastic and heartbroken.

Harry's POV
Everyone left and it was just me and Sydney. She was still shaking, and she cried after everyone left. "Harry," she spoke up. I looked up at her. "What if I have his baby?" She said. I could tell she was scared. "I hate abortion, and adoption, but..." She broke down. I climbed into bed with her, and she stayed close by my side, and she was asleep. I was praying that she wouldn't remember any of her dreams, because I don't want her to have to relive that nightmare.
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