Kiss You

Sequel to Reality Ruined my Life. When all of One Direction is engaged, and Eleanor and Louis have a baby on the way. What challenges will they face?


10. I Don't Feel So Good

Liam's POV
"Taylor?" I heard Brittney at the door. I walked over to her and held her by her waist. "Oh my gosh! You're Liam Payne!" She said pushing Brittney away from me. She was walking closer to me. "Taylor, why are you here?" Brittney asked her. "Well, I was in London, and I thought, 'Britney, is here, so why don't I go see her!' Oh and I heard you were getting married!! Yay for you! You know, all throughout school, Liam, Brittney and I were besties in school, anyway, all throughout school, I never thought you would get married. I thought you, Paige, and Sydney, would be the lonely cat ladies! But now look at you!" Brittney looked mad. "Taylor, I think it's time for you to leave." I told her. She looked shocked. "Brittney, can you excuse us?" Taylor asked. "No." Brittney stuck up for herself. Taylor looked shocked. "You have never been nice to me Taylor. You always told me that I was an ugly, fat, whore. You always told me I wasn't good enough. Every time I told you I liked a guy, you would chase after him. Not this time Taylor. You need to leave." Brittney told her. Taylor called her a bitch and slapped her. "Taylor, now you really need to leave." I walked her to the door. I ran and grabbed Brittney ice. "Babe, I'm so sorry." The doorbell rang and I looked through the peephole. It was the pizza man. So I grabbed the money, paid him, and went into the kitchen. Brittney was sitting there without the ice on her face. He face was swelling up and she wasn't crying. Thank goodness. I opened up the pizza box, and before I could grab plates, Brittney started eating. I turned around with the plates, and the pizza slice was almost gone. "Did you taste it? Or did you just swallow it?" I said laughing. "I tasted it." She said with food in her mouth. I laughed more and ate pizza with her. We played some more Toy Story, and watched all three Toy Story movies. That was the best lazy day, I could've asked for.

Niall's POV
"Niall, I don't feel to well." Paige told me as I put my arm around her. "My throat is killing me." She could barely make out. "Okay. I'll be right back. I'm going to get you some orange juice, and some chicken noodle soup for later." She thanked me. I put a shirt and some sweats on, and left. I grabbed some orange juice, and some chicken noodle soup, paid and left. I got home and Paige was on the couch, curled up on a blanket. I pored her some orange juice, set it in front of her, and saw she was asleep. "Paige." I said quietly. "Mom, leave me alone! Just call me in sick for school!" I chuckled, and put the orange juice on the coffee table. I went and grabbed my laptop, turned on the TV, and sat down on the couch. I logged onto Twitter. "Taking care of @paigeanderson she's sick:(" it was a matter of minutes before #feelbetterpaige was trending. She woke up and she grabbed the orange juice. She kept going in and out of sleep. When she woke up for good, I went and warned up some soup. "Thanks Niall!" She whispered as I placed it in front of her. "You're welcome babe!" I spent the whole day taking care of her. She was definitely better when we were going to sleep.

Harry's POV
We spent two weeks in Hawaii. It was peaceful, and amazing. We were leaving Hawaii to get on a plane. "Where are we going now?" She asked. "3...2...1..." The pilot's voice came on. "Thank you for flying Delta on this flight from Hawaii, to Florida." She smiled. "We're staying in the castle in Disney World!" I told her. Her jaw dropped. She had always told me how she wants to stay in the castle. "Harry! You are too amazing!" She told me. I smiled and told me what she tells me all the time, "I know. It's a gift!" She giggled. "And so are you!" I told her. She blushed and kissed me. We landed in Florida and got our things and got into the limo. We arrived at Disney and went to the main hotel. "Hello! How can I help you?" The front desk lady asked me. "Hello! We have reservations for the castle." She smiled. "Honeymoon?" Sydney nodded. "Can I get your name please?" I looked around and turned to her. "Harry Styles." I said quietly. She typed on her computer. "Okay Mr, and Mrs. Styles!" That felt so amazing to hear. She got us our passes and everything and we walked to the castle. We got in our room and Sydney was in awe. "Harry! This is so amazing!" She said. "Not as amazing as you!" I told her. She blushed and hugged me. "I love you so much." "I love you more babe!" "Nope. Not possible. Because, I love you most!" She told me. I kissed her passionately and we went into the park. We rode a lot of rides, and we got to stay in the park until 2am. We got back to the hotel, and changed into our pajamas and fell asleep. The two weeks in Florida went by really fast, and soon, we were on a plane, back home. We got into the flat, and right as we walked in, Sydney ran to the bathroom. I followed her and saw she was throwing up. "You okay babe?" I asked her. "Harry, I'm late." She told me. It took me a few seconds to realize what she was saying. "I'm going to go grab some pregnancy tests." I told her. She nodded and I ran out the door. I came back with a box, and gave them to her. It took a few minutes, but she stood there at the sink. I walked behind her and saw all of them.
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